#QSTOP10 — March 1, 2019

Greetings, on this first snow day of March :)

Gone are the slow weeks of scouring #MACBALIFE on Instagram in hopes of sliding in one final 10th slot on the countdown. Things seemed to go into hyperdrive in 2019, where there’s barely enough space in a given week to contain everything e.g. we had to snub the Cromer New York part, and the Suciu thing this week (Hudson Street quick ollies should’ve been in there tbh.)

Sorry 4 da wait. Have a good one ♥

Original Clips:


Intro via IG [link] 10) Ville Wester via Spitfire’s “Arson Department IV” video [link] 9) Oskar Rosenberg via Spitfire’s “Arson Department IV” video [link] 8) Dustin Henry via Vans’ Courtesy video [link] 7) Leon Chapdelaine via Vans’ Courtesy video [link] 6) Dylan Sourbeer via DGK’s Thoro video [link] 5) Etienne Gagne via Vans’ Courtesy video [link] 4) Quel Haddox via DGK’s Thoro video [link] 3) Kevin Bilyeu via DGK’s Thoro video [link] 2) Hermann Stene via Spitfire’s “Arson Department IV” video [link] 1) Brandon Westgate via Element x Thrasher “War & Peace” part [link]


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