QS Top 10 — February 22, 2019…A Sour Solution II Special Edition

We explored the possibility of trying to stuff this eventful week into ten slots, but no — way too much shit went on. If it were any other week, this noseslide would be a clear #1 (yeah, we watch Globe parts in the office…)

Had to pay respect to Sour for creating 2019’s first video that felt like a “moment.” Anybody who skates has had at least half-a-dozen conversations about it in the past week, both online and in real life. We tried to focus on some of the less obvious and re-posted tricks for this, but had to make #1 the video ender because, like, how many fucking street loops are out there? And who’s gonna collab with NY Ramp Co. on one for Tompkins?

Original Clips:


10) Barney Page 9) Martin Sandberg 8) Nisse Ingemarson 7) Filly 6) Albert Nyberg 5) Josef Scott Jatta 4) Gustav Tonnesen 3) Vincent Huhta 2) Oscar Candon 1) Simon Isaksson — All via Sour Skateboards’ Sour Solution II video [link]


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  1. Fuck all this noise. The clear #1 is that a capella of “Watermelon Man” at the beginning.

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