Everybody Loves the Sunshine

Photo via Stu

Here is a rad ten-minute documentary about the scene in Nairobi, Kenya. Shout out to skateboarding. No shout out to anything we have ever complained about on here.

The Vacation apparently condensed into Politic. They have a sick new montage up with new footy from Ross Norman and curtains from Dave Caddo #officefaves.

Skateboard graphics have always been low-key political, and this came out good: An oral history of presidential skate graphics. “Straight talker?” Whatever you say, Henry.

Two years after the historic “Vogue Skateboard Week,” Anna Wintour comes through with what actually amounts to pretty decent mainstream magazine coverage of skateboarding re: the progressively shifting tide against its gender bias.

“Luke Malaney or Keith Denley?” “Both in 2007.” Jersey Dave interviewed New Jersey sweetheart, Josh Wilson, for Skate Jawn.

Jersey Dave’s part from Stop Fakin’ 3 + cameos from Freddy, Quim etc. is online.

“I guess it’s kind of like, for example, a guy builds his dream house and then he goes off and has a cabin in the woods elsewhere. You know, a lake house. When you can have that, obviously that’s a privilege. You don’t always want to be at the one place, and it’s overrun with children and remote control cars and rules.” Village Psychic with a piece on the rules of contributing to and skating D.I.Y. spots.

Always a safe bet for some interesting noseslide variations — Mark Wetzel’s part from Traffic’s Look Left is now online, and includes guest tricks from Ricky and Rich Adler.

John Valenti uploaded a B-sides clip of Charlie Cassidy’s N.Y. Archive part, and Theories uploaded volume 11 of Elkin raw files. Rest in peace Saint Vincent’s Bank.

Whoa, wtf happened at House of Vans

We’d mark this as non-skate-related reading, but everyone knows it is just as skate as anything else on the list ;) NY Mag has the complete history on the rise of halal carts in New York. “Halal carts cross barriers. Cheap food triumphs over bad politics.”

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Jay Arrrrrrrr Smith!

Quote of the Week: “Y’all lives suck.” — Josh Velez to a group of schoolchildren

Thank you to post-7 P.M. sunsets & anybody who’s ever made a song about the sun ♥


  1. man I know it’s what people like him want, but that Henry Sanchez shit bummed me the fuck out. the whole “as long as it pisses ____ off” thing is so destructive and short sighted. yeah let’s deport kids brought here illegally when they were 2 and cut medicare just so rachel maddow or whoever the fuck gets upset.

    what a loser.

  2. Henry sanchez is the fucking man. Hes a family man who works his ass off. The crybaby lib mainstream media and “industry” makes me want to buy blanks again. Henry has done more for skating than any lf the hypebeast fucks on the hundreds or this website. So fuck off.

  3. Re: Shutuplibs

    On one hand, I feel for Henry Sanchez. Per the Slap message board and his own admission, it seems as though the man previously struggled with addiction and hasn’t had the easiest time in his post-skateboarding life. On the other hand, his contempt towards the struggles and problems of others is not rooted in a well-informed critique of the Welfare state and the Culture. Rather, he projects the bitterness over his poor career decisions, bad attitude, and the stasis of the American economy towards others. He thinks being a stand-offish dick is the correct reaction to his circumstances. He’s wrong.

    Real recognize real: Skateboarding has to do better. The total lack of an infrastructure for life after skating. leaves a lot of our guys vulnerable to lives of economic uncertainty and posting tin-foil hat diarrhea on social media.

  4. The leftiest agenda in skating is just dumb. No regular skter thinks like this. Ive been on a board 21 years and ive never had a single skater truly hyped on this bs. Its al sheeple speak. Dont talk to me like im the nutjib here.

  5. And btw i talk with henry all the time on fb not just on some message board. Hes doing fine right now. To think that all you lames try to denigrate a man whos given the best years of his life to this shit because he doesnt jump on a trendy leftist bandwagon is ridiculous and reason why the industry as a whole is going to shit.

  6. Wow you talk to a pro skater from the 90s on Facebook! About the leftist skate industry conspiracy at that! What a charmed life you must lead!

  7. what “liberal agenda” is there in skateboarding? not being a racist piece of shit and not being cool with the same people that landed us in 2008 robbing you while propping up a bunch of horseshit social issues so idiot christians and angry ass white dudes can be ok with it?

  8. Not doing this here. Sorry guys.

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    I’m sure you won’t have a tough time finding somewhere else on the internet to continue this constructive discussion.

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