Weekend Viewing: The Chocolate Tour 2000

chocolate tour 2000

These Tennyson Corporation remixes are turning into the skateboard version of posthumous 2Pac albums — it’s perfectly reasonable for us to pretend Girl/Chocolate 1.0 never disappeared each time they come out. We’re thus unable to fully fall in love with Cory Kennedy, no matter how much he may deserve our admiration, or even begin coming to terms with Raven, Stevie and those other immensely talented individuals who just don’t tug at our heartstrings the same way a color-blocked and tan khakied Carroll switch flip does. And good God, the Carroll switch flips in this video…

The latest ode to the best pair of companies to exist at the peak of their powers comes in the form of a B-sides video from the team as it constituted in The Chocolate Tour days. As good as that video is, you sorta wish the proliferation of DVDs in the 2000s coincided with skitless versions of skit-heavy videos — from The Chocolate Tour right down to Parental Advisory. The Tennyson version of the former is completely devoid of them, and is the best 12-minutes you could spend watching skateboarding this weekend. As with all of these Girl/Choc remixes, you’re stuck there wondering how so much of this could have been considered “outtakes” at the time.

Is there any skateboarder born before 1990 whose favorite skater isn’t Mike Carroll? And has this Tennyson guy been paid millions of dollars for his work yet? The Chocolate Tour 2000 has legitimately gotten more burn these past 24 hours than the official Four Star “Anthology” edit, which wasn’t too bad itself.

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P.S. All July 4th tees have been shipped. Have a good weekend.


  1. As for the new Girl\Chocolate roster, I think just by having the backing of the OGs, the kids are alright. Plus, Stevie Perez is a footage machine. I will take them over sage and sean pablo anyday. And although Girl is not playing for the title this season, they are a perenial contender. Just for staying true for 20 plus years, I respect them more and more.

    Wu Tang again? Ah yeah, again and again!

  2. Carrol owns frontside flips, back lips, and back smiths. that little clip of carrol footage was more enjoyable than most of the videos put out in the last 10 years….and I dont know any other skater that owns that many tricks.

  3. Edit made me happy. Thanks for the link.

    Fits well with, “Boil the Ocean’s”, summer posts too in a round about way.

  4. I’d take an hour long loop of Paulo nollies over anything the new squad is doing today.

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