Stupid Groundhog


Sick of this snow, man.

NJ Skateshop has a restock of QS beanies. Not many left in the web store, btw.

Muckmouth on the increasingly unfashionable dilemma of switch mongo. Is this a dilemma for people born before 1990? Or is the fact that Kalis, Stevie, Koston, Welsh, Gino and Carroll all push switch mongo enough to make us not think about it?

There’s a sick montage from Pittsburgh’s One Up Skateshop Crew up over on the Thrasher site. Features a mini section from Austin Kanfoush at the end.

Platinum Seagulls examines the frequent use of Mobb Deep’s The Infamous for #musicsupervision in early issues of 411. (Oh, speaking of 411…coming soon.)

Gabriel Rodriguez talks about his five favorite board graphics with Memory Screened, which lets you in on some of the inner-workings behind 101 and Chocolate.

Some Russians uploaded Underworld Element’s Skypager video in full to YouTube.

Eight-minute New York and S.F. log file and some throwaway footage from PFP3.

A seldom seen, artsy shared part from Quim Cardona and Paulo Diaz that appeared in S-One’s 4 Cities video. Insole companies apparently made videos ~15 years ago.


Stan Karbine’s part in $14 the Hard Way is awesome.

Kalis talks J. Kwon, Love comparisons, etc. with King Shit. Honestly, that place looks like utter hell to skate on a Sunday.

Non skate-related link alert! You may remember the only episode of MTV Cribs that mattered from 2001…Well, MTV paid a visit back to Redman’s Staten Island castle in 2014 to see if his cousin is still sleeping on the floor, and to check on the status of his dollar box. Also, he has a Dynex…

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Despite what he may say, Lance Stephenson looks sorta pissed he didn’t make the All-Star team.

Quote of the Week: “I’m thinking of going to sleep but I also want to skate this bump-to-bar.” — Alexander Mosley

R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman


  1. The best skate commercial of all time (which muckmouth article linked) has switch mongo in it, so all arguments against it ARE INVALID.

  2. only kids that get gassed on paul rodriguez/njyah/whoever worry about switch mongo. if its a non issue to kalis and stevie then its a non issue within skateboarding. lost abit of respect for oyola when i heard about the ‘no switch mongo’ rule at love, once again, kalis and stevie.

  3. RIP Philip Michael Thomas. Also, nice Redman link. Not much Redman in videos. Any theories why?

  4. I gotta agree that whole shit about no switch mongo is WHITE as all fuck. Mad corny.

  5. First dude n a video to push switch was Chico Brenes. It was, in my eyes, one of the things that he directly contributed. If he not the first, he was first to do it consistently. And then there was Randy Colvin. Thats a name that is mad WHITE.

  6. That Stevie Perez Medellin got me so hyped I had to post again. Check that shit out. @Thrasher.

  7. No piss pedalling, no hands on wallrides. These are exceptable guidelines, Gino, Koston, and Stevie are exceptions. The rest should try harder.

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