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Yaje Popson surfing at Battery Park — Photo by Andrew James Peters

Ishod Wair continues to makes amends with skateboard fans everywhere for not filming more lines in his Real part. His new Four Star part is practically all Philly lines for four straight minutes. And to think he still has another part due out this year.

Washington Heights is about to be home to the largest skatepark in New York. If you have an Instagram account, you’ve likely seen photos of it via friends who have snuck in. Oh, and the Daily News article about it is without question worse than the most cringe-inducing thing the Times has written about skateboarding over the years. “The park, which will be ready by the fall…to give local sk8terboys something to do beyond annoying their neighbors.” Fuck off. (Yes, a hundred-year-old newspaper printed the word “sk8terboys.”)

Derm (who is responsible for one of the better NY/NJ parts of the year) spent the summer in Portland and came back with this mini part for Politic.

The Fancy Lad crew just shattered the record for most insane spot selection in a “Summer Trip to New York” montage with their latest clip. Even Daewon might turn down the opportunity to skate a bunch of cardboard boxes wrapped in twine…

Want more summertime montage entertainment? The French Converse team takes a trip to New York.

Forrest Edwards furthers his role as a skateboarding’s greatest troll by spewing comedic gold in the latest Weekend Buzz episode. Part 1, part 2.

Billy Rohan’s fifth installment of bro cam insanity is now live. Video nerds everywhere will be pleased to know that the next volume will be available both in HD *and* SD.

More fast skateboarding at cool-looking spots by way of Pittsburgh.

Though it’s tough to imagine it ever making beyond the internet speculation mill, Ripped Laces imagines just exactly what a Jordan Brand line of skates shoes would look like. Watermelons been on that wave.

Only had a chance to skim through the Banquet mini video, but it has fourteen minutes of New York skating, Ron Artest does the intro, and someone skates to the outro from what is secretly the best Jay-Z album.

A New York/Washington D.C. montage borrowed the namesake from one of Gucci’s first mixtapes and even incorporated one of its songs.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: One of inevitably many Derrick Rose plays.

Quote of the Week: “If you’re from San Diego and not on Sk8Mafia, you’re an asshole.” — Riza

Guys, any remnants of summer are totally fleeting.


  1. Forrest Edwards is a breath of fresh air in an industry full of people who take their wooden-board flipping exploits far too seriously.

  2. Ishods part was boring dude from pittsburg had a sicker part in only a third of the time as Ishods. Forest is a raisin head hoe. He think hes funny but the only thing funny bout him is his hairline and the way his face looks squished. raisin nigga. he sayin everything is gay this and that nigga you the gay. look at who u kick it with raisin head whiteboys wearin wizard hats and ur voice is mad suspect…hoe. skaters like him are corny too. nigga u aint a rap star or a sports star u a raisin head clown nigga ridin for a “price point” company WTF. dont get it twisted like u some celeb hoe u ride a skateboard and u broke ass nigga. he no fresh air he a salty nigga hanging wiht whitboys and gettin way to faded off a lil beer and some whiskey.

  3. For Ishod’s part, I would have used “Who the Champion” by TMF WTC. I would also like to see something edited to “One on One” by Nas. Let me break you off a little something…..

  4. In defense of Forest, imagine if some one was filmimg you drinking and skating at his age. If you didnt look like an asshole, I would be dissappointed. One day he will take some acid and do a little self-examniation. It is called growing up, but for now he is living the life skating. And its funny how if some one skates for a bullshit company, the internet hates. How many of you have shitty jobs, working for shitty people. Think of the industry that youwork in, and now think if there is a company in the same field that is better and where you would rather work. Who wouldnt want to ride for Girl. If it is skating for a bull shit company vs working at a real job, the choice is obvious. Forest does talk before thinking but who cares.

  5. i work 4 a fortune 500 company so i buy and sell fools like him everyday by noon. but when i was flipping burgers i aint act like i was jay z . dude is a pure bred clown. i wouldnt want to ride 4 girl they have wack shapes and shit wood and. i know 12 year olds who handle liquor better than him.

  6. Didn’t know that 5boro is a “skateshop”. Dear Daily News, thanks for informing me and keeping me updated on all things extreme?

    P.S. – hope they’re working on a Sunday “Skate” page

  7. portland really sucks for street skating. he might as well have spent the summer in south dakota

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