In Crust We Trust: “Bud Light in a Glove”


A completed version of the Gonz’s famous “almost” moment from Real to Reel.

A lot of “New Jersey” videos end up largely getting filmed in New York due to the convenience of geography. In Crust We Trust is the polar opposite, in that they scouted the middle of every project building complex and the back of each industrial park in the state to find Toxic Avenger spots that Fred Gall might not even bother skating. These guys (some of them skate for Stimulus, former semi-sponsor of Jersey Dave), and the dudes from the Scumco and Sons “Road to the Riches” video should really go on tour together.

After leaking out parts from the video over the past several weeks (most notably the still on repeat, slightly early Quim Cardona-ish part from Derm), the full 37-minute video is available on Vimeo and yes, the last part is edited to Redman.

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