Weekend Viewing: Scumco & Sons – Road to the Riches

February 15th, 2013 | 6:14 am | Daily News | 3 Comments


Dudes from Pittsburgh have a remarkable ability to skate the roughest spots possible, and somehow mislead everyone by making it look easy. So it’s not a surprise that the new promo from Scumco & Sons is 90% filmed on cobblestones, sandpaper ground and rickety sidewalk. It features much of the One Up Skateshop crew. Interesting that they forgive the Jungle Brothers for neglecting to shout out Pittsburgh at the end of “I Got It Like That,” by editing the ender part to it.

With the United States outsourcing just about everything these days, including the new trio of skate nerds’ darling indie brands, it’s nice to have a sick domestic upstart around. It never hurts to buy American, guys. They have some new gear up on their site, all of which is produced in Pennsylvania. Labor also stocks some of their stuff.

Enjoy this day of mild February weather. Have a good weekend.


Comment by yaboi
  • cept holmes is done. rip

    February 15, 2013 @ 8:50 am
  • Comment by colon pee
  • anybody peep the harsh collabo i did with alex corporan?

    February 15, 2013 @ 9:06 am
  • Comment by Snack
  • Duly noted re: Holmes. Just saw it still on Scumco’s stocklist.

    February 15, 2013 @ 1:04 pm
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