Summer Jam

The new Studio Skateboards video, Mood Lighting, will make you want to take that six-hour drive up to Montreal this summer.

“That summer before, people met up at Supreme, people still sessioned the banks, and the World Trade Center was benches and a long manual pad. It was Diesel Jeans, Vita Shoes, Aesthetics Apparel and Seaport with metal edges.” Some thoughts on the definition of “lurker,” why the most out-of-the-way spot in New York is the most popular, etc. Photos by Joe Cups, words by Ted Barrow.

This kid seems pretty bummed about Zoo York cutting its skate team, even though he doesn’t know that Zered’s name is pronounced exactly how it’s spelled. Dude’s got a notepad and a Brita.

Since the weather isn’t ideal for skating in sweatpants, what breezier alternative will fashionable skaters turn to? Camo shorts? Sweat shorts? (Danny Supa owns the copyright to skating in basketball shorts.) Generic cut-off Dickies? In this FTC trip video to Vieques (small island off the coast of Puerto Rico), Brad Johnson makes the case for board shorts. Screw Montreal, we out to Vieques…

Scratched lenses and M.O.P. are both chill.

What’s the most amount of trouble you’ve gone through to skate an awful spot? This seems to really go the extra mile in skating a ledge described by a wise man as grinding “like a soggy hot dog bun.”

British Esquire says it’s time to grow up and hang up that skateboard, guys! Naturally, that was stumbled on while Googling for those pictures of Rihanna with her ass out. Between the camo, tats, and bleached hair, she’s 3-for-5 on summer T.F. trends.

DeShawn Stevenson charges $4.50 to withdraw money from the ATM in his kitchen.

As a footnote to the “Zoo York Institute of Design” post from last week, here’s the Zoo York industry section from 411 #6.

Quote of the Week: “The future is dark out here man. The future we need is the one from Atlanta.” — Francesco Pini, Chief Officer of QS International’s Italian and Scandinavian Branches regarding Italy’s Debt Crisis

Speaking of Future, he was supposed to perform in New York tonight. Then he decided to cancel his tour.


  1. I too was really liking the retrospective of Zoo York ads that was posted last week… I remember most of those when they appeared in mags…especially the early ones. I’m a graphic designer now, and I’ve only recently kinda realized how much that stuff has influenced me as a designer when I look back through all those really great Zoo, Alien and Deluxe ads on here or on Chrome Ball. So much was already being said about them in the comments that I didn’t bother to chime in. I was going to mention the infamous industry section in 411 #6 but I didnt. – but here it is anyway! haha, gotta love it.

    Don’t get me wrong, we definitely were psyched on this part. We were Philly-area skate rats, so we had alot of east coast pride when we saw this. It fits right up in there with Element FIne Artists, Eastern Exposure 2 (and later 3), The Sub Zero video, the Wash. D.C. and Philly Metrospectives in early 411’s… etc etc… you know, all those important 90’s east coast documents. I mean, I haven’t seen this clip in years – but I can still quote from it without even needing to click the link and refresh my memory. (“developing and furthering the company” *scientist voice* ….. the amazing piece of freestyle lyricism “Eli E-love on the cellular phone”

    HOWEVER… even when we first saw it at age 14 or 15 we couldn’t help ourselves from laughing at the sheer amount of times the phrases “keepin it real” “know what time it is” and “got much heart” seem to be used in this clip. In the mid 90’s the whole East Coast was enjoying this emergence. It was fun to be a part of; and there was definitely some common ground between the various east coast cities – but by watching this clip, it was clear to myself and my crew of friends that the NYC, DC and Philly vibes were all a bit different…which makes sense of course.

    sorry for another overly long comment… but you know, just trying to keep it real / have much heart / know what time it is… etc etc

  2. Does anyone know where the red bank to ledge is that david clark did the feeble grind on in the “quicksilver” video?

  3. That video sucks and all but I think they mentioned they were from Santa Cruz. White dudes from California were always a lost cause.

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