Hi, I’m Forrest, Forrest Edwards

As overzealous YouTube commenters continue to lament the decline of skateboarding’s holiest week, they are losing sight of the real tragedy. Reality show antics and failed attempts at creating tension between a bunch of bushy-eyed youngsters looking to “make it” in skateboarding are secondary issues. The real thumbs down of the One in a Million legacy is Forrest Edwards quietly continuing his brilliant work in relative obscurity.

Below is a teaser for the Wild Power video, in which he tastefully interpolates the opening scene of the not-so-subtle red state favorite, and Oscar-winning film, Forrest Gump. Either we all have a superficial understanding of how the skateboarding industry works, or Forrest Edwards’ low-key position on the Toy Machine team is a colossal missed opportunity in playing to (and eventually monetizing) his status as a crowd favorite. It’s like if the Sacramento Kings benched Ron Artest for the entire season after the trade with the Pacers.

One is left to wonder: If the current crop of OIAM contestants received the chance to shine without high ollie contests and board set-up challenges obstructing their path, how much different would their post-OIAM fates have been, especially if Forrest Edwards continues to toil outside of skateboarding’s focal spotlight?

Thanks to Brian on Twitter for the tip. There’s no release date for Wild Power, but everyone is looking forward to it.


  1. i hope his part will be sick, judging from the skatepark footy he keeps putting out he should kill it.

    in any case, at least keep pushing kids out of his way when filming lines, that could be his “thing”

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