The T.F’s Final Beacon of Hope

The dust has finally began to settle on the T.F. after the last two months’ worth of socio-political crises. Nearly all prominent East Village skateboard institutions were toppled, and much like Russia following the collapse of the Soviet Union, a gigantic landmass has been left without a stable government. The only morsel of civilization is perhaps the most archaic symbol of civilized society there is — a wooden box with angle iron.

This post is an open call to all those who have not turned their back on Tompkins at this pivotal point in history. We have documented how it has achieved legacy status, and we will all still skate here even if there is a 50-foot diameter crater in the ground with ten district attorneys’ offices playing softball around it, but let us use this one remaining box as a building block to a greater future. We are already witnessing a miracle as it approaches two weeks of life without proper storage (on track to tie or break the blue flatbar’s record.)

Several ideas have been tossed around in an effort to prolong the box’s life and stability altogether. Most notably, there is an idea of offering a contract to nearby businesses to store the box during T.F. off-hours in exchange for advertising on its exterior (chalk panels would be affixed to the sides to display daily specials.) 9th Street Espresso (skaters love coffee), Mamani’s (skaters love food that only costs $1), San Loco (skaters love diarrhea), and Blind Barber (skaters love alcohol) are several names that have come up for discussion at high-level T.F. personnel meetings. The problem is actually getting people to return the box to the said establishment should an agreement be reached. Another idea has been appealing to the most prominent weed salesmen in the area to get on some Frank Lucas/Nino Brown shit, and give back to the community by furnishing the T.F. with new obstacles, and an adjacent shipping container for their safekeeping, in exchange for a bolstered public opinion of their otherwise frowned-upon industry.

Feel free to share any ideas below (and bring the box behind the tree, next to the hockey nets next time you’re done skating it for the time being.) Astronaut Status just dropped, so maybe the T.F. won’t ever matter again, since we’ll all be living on the moon by the end of the day.


  1. THE TF WILL ALWAYS MATTER. I’m here right now as I am blessed with free WIFI on this green bench.

  2. Someone go to Cafe Pick Me Up after 5 and see if theyd be down to use it as a sign on the top of the ledge so they can stand it up and advertise some shit in the AM

  3. Word, they are generally very agreeable there. Thy always let me take a shit in their graffitied-up toilet without buying anything.

  4. what about trying to get some concrete and steel ledges put in like the ones they got at thomas greene park in gowanus?

  5. I’m not expert on the L.E.S. or Tompkins, but what about Shut? maybe the Tre Truck?

  6. I was pushing the box back and forth from ABC on 11th and on 13th st. for deep. ya’ll niggaz better roll out the red carpet for me. build a box that looks like a hockey net??

  7. just discuss getting space from parks and recreations so no money or ads need to be used. we have skate “ambassadors”, make something happen.

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