Slap Magazine: Special Printed Edition Mraz Issue

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Nostalgic for Slap Magazine‘s defunct printed form, QS reader Clayton Jones threw together a would-be cover for a November 2011 issue, featuring the Slap-esque photography and words in the new Jerry Mraz interview. It’s inspired by the July 1997 black-and-white Fred Gall cover, and a loving ode to skateboarding’s second favorite magazine no longer with us. (Big Brother being in first place, Slap is very a close second.) Though physical magazines and videos are experiencing similar paths of deprecation at the hands of a younger generation these days, there’s no reason we shouldn’t continue to simulate their existence on the internet…the very same place responsible for their demise. Yes, it’s complicated. And ironic. Thanks to Clayton for sending this over.

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Click here for the full Slappy Hour video


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