Hopps Night

Bowery Stadium will be hosting a night with Jahmal Williams’ Hopps Skateboards on Friday, August 19th (tomorrow) at 7 P.M. They will be premiering a new commercial (“and a whole bunch of other stuff”) directed by Marcus Manoogian, who is responsible for the board going through the city / Frankie Valli commercial from last year. Hopps has some of the sickest art/creative direction in skateboarding today, so it’s definitely something to look forward to.

Stadium is located at 276 Bowery, which is basically the southwest corner of Houston and Bowery, next to Pulino’s and across the street from Whole Foods. No, you will not be able to skate the wave during the event. Come support Hopps though.

Here is the aforementioned commercial from last year:


  1. I will be signing autographs along with Jahmal and that jacket is a sample that I sold to my roomate Thando Beschta

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