Transworld Cinematographer Project – NYC Premiere Info

We were all hoping for another Transworld premiere at Tribeca Grand, complete with an open bar sponsored by some random tequila company, serviced by half-naked girls. However, budgets (or phone calls to tequila companies with money to throw around) in the publishing world are not what they used to be, so it makes sense for them to hold off on that.

Going with the next best thing, there is nothing more *New York, bro* than a skate premiere at a bar. If you simply cannot wait to see R.B. Umali’s section with a Kevin Tierney ender, Jake Johnson and Gilbert Crockett’s “going pro” footage, Fat Bill’s montage containing the handsomest of the handsome, and whatever burnt-out concoction Beagle came up with for the new Cinematographer Project video, they will be showing it at Epstien’s (Stanton & Allen Street) from 5 to 8 P.M., and at The Fish (you know where that is) from 8 P.M. to 4 A.M. on Friday, March 30. 21+ or all ages with a fake ID / good sneak-in tactics / abundant facial hair. Showing up before 7 P.M., and leaving the neighborhood immediately after is highly recommended.

If you don’t need an excuse to drink with a bunch of assholes at some awful bar on a Friday, the video will be available on iTunes and DVD that day as well.

Related: Watch R.B. Umali’s NYC section from Transworld‘s 1997 video, Cinematographer, below. It features front-shove legend, Andre Page. (Full video here.)

“Yo, J.P’s video…next month.”

The video that Kevin Tierney has insisted was a month away from release for the past two years was given an actual premiere date. Though it is possible that the “premiere” will consist of Jersey Dave (the video’s self-appointed publicist) giving a drunken announcement about how J.P. mysteriously disappeared earlier that morning with the only known copy of the video, and they will be showing a compilation of compressed (R.I.P.) clips burned onto a DVD instead, if you want to believe the flyer, it will premiere at House of Vans on Thursday, March 15th at 7 P.M. They even gave it a self-referntial title, likely as a fair-warning to expect a pre-pubescent / pre-Hollywood Yaje Popson part, and a mid-puberty, post-Corn Pops tee Kevin Tierney part. The video also features Billy McFeely, Adrian Vega, Jersey Dave (the video’s inevitable Mariano in Fully Flared triumph part), Matt Daniels, Jason Carroll, and Brian Clarke. Right now is when you’d see a sarcastic comment about no longer referring to skate videos as “films,” but J.P. went to film school and shit, so he’s working on a higher artistic plane than we are accustomed to dealing with.

Click for the full flyer. RSVP via House of Vans is located at 25 Franklin Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Take the G train (yikes) to Nassau Avenue, skate north on Manhattan for two blocks, and make a left on Meserole. Skate down to Franklin, and it’s on your right. That sounds insane, so you should just take a cab if you have a job.

Below is a clip that J.P. made for this website in 2009, which is roughly when they started assigning hypothetical release dates for this video. It also provides early evidence of Black Dave’s eventual rise to rap superstardom.

On a completely unrelated note, you should watch the recap of the Bucks-Bulls game last night. Wow.

Nike SB Chronicles NYC Premiere Info

Nike is doing an online premiere for SB Chronicles this Saturday (December 3rd) at 6:30 P.M. If you prefer a more traditional video premiere environment (i.e. you’d rather watch it projected on a huge screen instead of a 13″ laptop), Bowery Stadium is hosting a premiere on the same day at 7 P.M. Stadium is located at 276 Bowery, right at the southwest intersection of Houston Street, next to Pulino’s. Take the F to Second Avenue and it’s half-a-block away. The video features Youness Amrani, Chet Childress, Clark Hassler, Stefan Janoski, Lewis Marnell, Daniel Shimizu, Grant Taylor (so that Thrasher S.O.T.Y. part was basically throwaway?), and Wieger Van Wageningen. You can read up on the video and watch the two trailers here.

In anticipation of the video, here is a compilation of Youness’ footage from our summer 2010 project with SB. Knowing him, he’d probably say all of this footage sucks. It doesn’t. (Though it is a notch or two below tricks like this on the intensity scale.) And that tail-less C.I.A. line is maybe the best thing to ever be in a Quartersnacks clip, short of Alex Mosley using the lobby of the Met Life building as runway to ollie a double-set. Having seen a lot of great skateboarders skate in person, Youness is near the top of the list in terms of people that make tricks look deceptively easy. See below. His part should be an entertaining one.

KCDC Video Premiere This Weekend

KCDC will be premiering its ten-year anniversary video this Saturday and Sunday. It features Dan Carrerio, Derick Ziemkiewicz, Myra Gallegos, Billy Mcfeely, Dan King, Rob Gonyon, Danny Falla, Bill Pierce, and others. Mentioned it before, but the original teaser was on the prolific Mark Markenson’s Vimeo account, and that probably means great things. There’s a PBR logo on the flyer. Based on what one could gather about Brooklyn and its culture, when there is a PBR logo on a flyer, it means that beer will be distributed for free.

21+ Showing: Saturday, November 19th. Opens at 8 P.M., video plays at 9 P.M., you’re allowed to make bad decisions and embarrass yourself in there until 12 A.M. Like every KCDC premiere, if you’re not crammed inside that back rectangle, on the mini-ramp’s the premier balcony seatings, or over six-and-a-half feet tall, you probably won’t see much. So get there early and lay claim to some territory. Enlarge 21+ flyer.

All ages: Sunday, November 20th. Video plays at 3 P.M. Enlarge all ages, no beer logo flyer.

There’s no info on what they plan to do with the video after the premiere with regards to hard copies, a web upload, etc.

Related: KCDC’s ten-year anniversary in The New York Times. Congratulations to the crew on ten years of business.

QS Six-Year Anniversary Party & Video Screening

(Click to Enlarge)

This Thursday, September 15, from 7 to 9 P.M., Bowery Stadium will be hosting a six-year anniversary party for Yes, it’s somehow been that long. There will be a screening of our summer video, “Heat Wave,” which is essentially a glorified “End of Summer” clip, featuring our Barcelona trip, sessions on the Stadium Wave, summertime degeneracy, and plenty of trademark front shoves with shaky filming. There are two flip-in tricks throughout the entire video, and maybe three switch ones. Teaser one here and teaser two here.

Bowery Stadium is located on 276 Bowery at Houston Street, right next to Pulino’s and across the street from Whole Foods. F train to Second Avenue, and it’s a block away.

There will probably be beer and other refreshments. You bring the Rosé, chopped cheese, and King magazine models. Gucci Mane will unfortunately not be performing this time. Video invite below.