Hopps Night

Bowery Stadium will be hosting a night with Jahmal Williams’ Hopps Skateboards on Friday, August 19th (tomorrow) at 7 P.M. They will be premiering a new commercial (“and a whole bunch of other stuff”) directed by Marcus Manoogian, who is responsible for the board going through the city / Frankie Valli commercial from last year. Hopps has some of the sickest art/creative direction in skateboarding today, so it’s definitely something to look forward to.

Stadium is located at 276 Bowery, which is basically the southwest corner of Houston and Bowery, next to Pulino’s and across the street from Whole Foods. No, you will not be able to skate the wave during the event. Come support Hopps though.

Here is the aforementioned commercial from last year:

The most anticipated…

It has been a while since an entire post has been dedicated to a single upcoming event around here, but it only seems right, since this may very well turn out to be the best skateboarding video of 2011. Real is one of the few great skate companies left (in a video production sense, in other words, not three parts from the people you want to see and a bunch of “he’s good, but I don’t really care” to fill in the space), so the anticipation for this one has been heavy.

Since Day One will premiere at KCDC Skateshop on Monday, April 11 at 6PM. (90 N 11th Street between Wythe and Berry in Williamsburg, Brooklyn / L train to Bedford for the geographically challenged.) Hopefully, they have more than one screening because that back room and romantic balcony seating on top of the mini ramp isn’t exactly the best place to watch a video once there is an excess of maybe fifty people there. Plan to get there early otherwise. $2-5 donation at the door for entry. Proceeds go to the Johnny Kicks Cancer Foundation, which is dedicated to fighting childhood leukemia in the memory of Johnny Romano.

Full Flyer Here

Update: If you happen to be out in Jersey, NJ Skateshop in Hoboken is also premiering the video on the same day (April 11th.) 7PM at NJ Skateshop (91 Hudson Street, a few blocks from the Path train) and a 9PM, 21+ premiere at 4L’s at 208 Washington Street. Jersey Premiere Flyer Here.