KCDC Video Premiere This Weekend

KCDC will be premiering its ten-year anniversary video this Saturday and Sunday. It features Dan Carrerio, Derick Ziemkiewicz, Myra Gallegos, Billy Mcfeely, Dan King, Rob Gonyon, Danny Falla, Bill Pierce, and others. Mentioned it before, but the original teaser was on the prolific Mark Markenson’s Vimeo account, and that probably means great things. There’s a PBR logo on the flyer. Based on what one could gather about Brooklyn and its culture, when there is a PBR logo on a flyer, it means that beer will be distributed for free.

21+ Showing: Saturday, November 19th. Opens at 8 P.M., video plays at 9 P.M., you’re allowed to make bad decisions and embarrass yourself in there until 12 A.M. Like every KCDC premiere, if you’re not crammed inside that back rectangle, on the mini-ramp’s the premier balcony seatings, or over six-and-a-half feet tall, you probably won’t see much. So get there early and lay claim to some territory. Enlarge 21+ flyer.

All ages: Sunday, November 20th. Video plays at 3 P.M. Enlarge all ages, no beer logo flyer.

There’s no info on what they plan to do with the video after the premiere with regards to hard copies, a web upload, etc.

Related: KCDC’s ten-year anniversary in The New York Times. Congratulations to the crew on ten years of business.


  1. brooklyn skaters drink pbr

    manhattan skaters drink stellas

    queens skaters drink 40s

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