Everyone skateboards now! Miley Cyrus is into it! Rihanna skates! This girl skates! Everyone skates! What a fun way to get your cardio in! Sk8 or die, girls! Derek Zoolander |*ngb**rds! When is the male model game of S.K.A.T.E? My money’s on Ted.

12th & A lives. There was an East Village community board meeting this past Thursday to decide its fate, and skateboarding prevailed. It’s open 5-8 P.M. on weekdays, 12-8 P.M. on Saturdays, and unfortunately closed on Sundays. Better than nothing. Hopefully, it will open earlier during late-fall and winter weekdays, since it gets dark at 4:30. (Also, there’s a new ~15-foot-long round flatbar there, and they sawed the legs off the larger picnic table to make it “Cali size.”)

“Gyro” is a montage filmed in New York over the course of two weeks via the same crew that brought you the SF-based Chunder and VHS1K videos.

Some kid wallrid off that giant bottle sculpture near 57th Street on the Westside Highway, which is pretty gnarly. It would make a great photo. Photo here. That trick, and six minutes of other NY/NJ/Philly-based footage in this “Gravity Hammers” clip.

Death Video throwaway clips set to the soothing sounds of 2 Chainz.

The first summer edition “Diamond Days” video (#62) is now online. It utilizes the early frontrunner for “Song of the Summer 2012,” Cash Out’s “Cashing Out” A.K.A. “Yeah, it’s the ‘Racks’ of 2012, but it’s not as good as ‘Racks.'” Grown & Sexy S.O.T.S. early honorable mention: Usher “Climax.”

Nate Rojas’ part from Five on That is on YouTube. He 5050s the kinked handrail outside the Tribeca jail skatepark.

“Oh no, I’m completely fine. I do this all the time. Have a nice day.”

The Museum of Modern Art in Finland claims to currently have “the world’s first large scale skatable sculptural installation” on its premises. Stadium did that, like, last year, bro. Though to be fair, the Finnish one is a superior “skateable sculpture” for “normal” people and not Zered Bassett.

SPOT UPDATES: 1) The rail gap and keyhole ledge at CBS are now blocked off by scaffolding. 2) The gas station on 15th & 10th with the flat rails got torn down. Near the end of this clip, Gigliotti does a line there in a controversial hat. (Aren’t there ~six gas stations south of 96th Street? Why the hell are they tearing them down?) 3) Those awful marble windowsill ledges on 4th and Bowery got knobbed.

Quote of the Week:

Straight bling-bling, whip it with an antenna

Heat Wave / End of Summer 2011

Fresh off stealing mad bottles from the Rick Ross concert last night (here’s Ross without his trademark sunglasses), and combined with this morning’s crisp, early-fall temperature, it’s only right to present to you our End of Summer / Heat Wave video. It encompasses everything we were up to throughout the past three months: Barcelona, the Wave at Bowery Stadium, skating at night to beat the heat, and perhaps most impressively, somehow coming up with four or five minutes of New York footage entirely filmed in Manhattan (save one trick.) It’s also proof that our recent HD conversion had minimal effects on our attitudes towards production values.

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to support Quartersnacks, and the crew at Bowery Stadium for putting together a great event. Thanks to everyone else that helped us make this video possible as well. Until next summer…

Clip features Daniel Lebron, Doug Brown, Tyler Tufty, Thomas Taylor, Michael Mackrodt, Josh Velez, Andy Henrie, Mike Cuneo, Marcel Veldman, Sven Aerts, Andre Page, Ty Lyons, Corey Rubin, Jahmal Williams, Zered Bassett, Phil Rodriguez, Bryce Golder, Conor Fay, Sean Kelling, Justin Brock, Dan Plunkett, Emilio Cuilan, Mark Nardelli, Ritchard Swain, Alexander Mosley, and Young Chris. Cameos by Mannie Fresh and DJ Roctakon.

Pad’s quote about his party footage outdoing his skate footage came true…

(Alternate YouTube Link)

QS Six-Year Anniversary Party & Video Screening

(Click to Enlarge)

This Thursday, September 15, from 7 to 9 P.M., Bowery Stadium will be hosting a six-year anniversary party for Quartersnacks.com. Yes, it’s somehow been that long. There will be a screening of our summer video, “Heat Wave,” which is essentially a glorified “End of Summer” clip, featuring our Barcelona trip, sessions on the Stadium Wave, summertime degeneracy, and plenty of trademark front shoves with shaky filming. There are two flip-in tricks throughout the entire video, and maybe three switch ones. Teaser one here and teaser two here.

Bowery Stadium is located on 276 Bowery at Houston Street, right next to Pulino’s and across the street from Whole Foods. F train to Second Avenue, and it’s a block away.

There will probably be beer and other refreshments. You bring the Rosé, chopped cheese, and King magazine models. Gucci Mane will unfortunately not be performing this time. Video invite below.

Front Shoves Still On the Way….

With the impending lockout headed for the worst, fans are left to hand-paint teams’ logos on pieces of wood in Rockaway while secretly planning quarter-filled sock ambushes on David Stern.

Here is the second and final teaser for the video we’re working on with Bowery Stadium. Hopefully, we’re all still alive and not living underwater after this much hyped up hurricane weekend. Otherwise, you can expect Quartersnacks to turn into a full-fledged surf site. We’re going to pioneer surfing Brooklyn cellar door spots and all the other abominations of the skate spot world, except on water.

Video is due out the week of September 12th. Alternate YouTube link here. First teaser here. If this site doesn’t turn into a surfing site by the end of the weekend, we’ll be sure to make use of whatever propped up tile/broken tree obstacles appear throughout the city.

Keep away from windows, stock up on beer/food/batteries/movies you’ve been meaning to watch, and have a safe weekend.

Hopps Night

Bowery Stadium will be hosting a night with Jahmal Williams’ Hopps Skateboards on Friday, August 19th (tomorrow) at 7 P.M. They will be premiering a new commercial (“and a whole bunch of other stuff”) directed by Marcus Manoogian, who is responsible for the board going through the city / Frankie Valli commercial from last year. Hopps has some of the sickest art/creative direction in skateboarding today, so it’s definitely something to look forward to.

Stadium is located at 276 Bowery, which is basically the southwest corner of Houston and Bowery, next to Pulino’s and across the street from Whole Foods. No, you will not be able to skate the wave during the event. Come support Hopps though.

Here is the aforementioned commercial from last year: