Front Shoves Still On the Way….

With the impending lockout headed for the worst, fans are left to hand-paint teams’ logos on pieces of wood in Rockaway while secretly planning quarter-filled sock ambushes on David Stern.

Here is the second and final teaser for the video we’re working on with Bowery Stadium. Hopefully, we’re all still alive and not living underwater after this much hyped up hurricane weekend. Otherwise, you can expect Quartersnacks to turn into a full-fledged surf site. We’re going to pioneer surfing Brooklyn cellar door spots and all the other abominations of the skate spot world, except on water.

Video is due out the week of September 12th. Alternate YouTube link here. First teaser here. If this site doesn’t turn into a surfing site by the end of the weekend, we’ll be sure to make use of whatever propped up tile/broken tree obstacles appear throughout the city.

Keep away from windows, stock up on beer/food/batteries/movies you’ve been meaning to watch, and have a safe weekend.


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