It’s no secret that the internet has conspired to kill off the full-length skate video these past few years. But an enterprising real world minority continues to fight back, as evidenced by a few “Hey, could you post the promo for my video?” e-mails in the Quartersnacks inbox every week. It probably doesn’t take much to get your promo posted as a Monday link — just a front shove or two, a few awful spots, and no music by quirky indie bands. However, if you want a promo featured, well, then you’ll probably need to make a clip that involves a 2 Chainz feature somewhere (currently maybe one of five rappers worth putting up with a minute of Kanye for.)

The homie BJ Wishard sent over this promo clip for his Jersey/NY-based video, Feelin’ Friendly, due out next month. Subscribe on YouTube to stay updated, and for more videos. The video has full parts from Nico Magalhaes, Chris Rozborski, Brian Shroeder, Dillon Constantine, Matt Eaton, Nick Immediato, and Eric Dermond. Clip features German Nieves, Matt Eaton, Adrian Vega, Bill Marshall, BJ Wishard, Chris Rozborski, Derek Nawrocki, Joe Gore, Chris Murray, Nate Fantasia, Dan Vogedes, John Cruz, Joe Scordo, Nick Immediato, Tyler Hart, Sean Barone, Joey Boulliane, Eric Dermond, and Nico Magalhaes.

Those rocks on Water Street are an actual spot now, huh?

Two Days Until Christmas

“Somebody told me you weren’t doing a Christmas clip this year. That would be a real tragedy.”

Safe travels to everyone heading someplace else for the holidays, and hopefully, none of you got stabbed seven times waiting in line for Jordans today. (To no one’s surprise, 2 Chainz put it best…) Here is a quick preview clip for our sixth (yeah) annual Christmas video (yes, there will be one.) It mostly features falls and things that won’t actually be in it. We even took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather yesterday, and got motivated enough to set this thing up again, only to get kicked out after ten minutes, and rained on when attempting to go back. That wrapped it up for the year. It’s been fun.

Video goes online Christmas morning. Same day basketball season starts.

Previous editions: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2003, 2002, 2001

QS Six-Year Anniversary Party & Video Screening

(Click to Enlarge)

This Thursday, September 15, from 7 to 9 P.M., Bowery Stadium will be hosting a six-year anniversary party for Quartersnacks.com. Yes, it’s somehow been that long. There will be a screening of our summer video, “Heat Wave,” which is essentially a glorified “End of Summer” clip, featuring our Barcelona trip, sessions on the Stadium Wave, summertime degeneracy, and plenty of trademark front shoves with shaky filming. There are two flip-in tricks throughout the entire video, and maybe three switch ones. Teaser one here and teaser two here.

Bowery Stadium is located on 276 Bowery at Houston Street, right next to Pulino’s and across the street from Whole Foods. F train to Second Avenue, and it’s a block away.

There will probably be beer and other refreshments. You bring the Rosé, chopped cheese, and King magazine models. Gucci Mane will unfortunately not be performing this time. Video invite below.

Front Shoves Still On the Way….

With the impending lockout headed for the worst, fans are left to hand-paint teams’ logos on pieces of wood in Rockaway while secretly planning quarter-filled sock ambushes on David Stern.

Here is the second and final teaser for the video we’re working on with Bowery Stadium. Hopefully, we’re all still alive and not living underwater after this much hyped up hurricane weekend. Otherwise, you can expect Quartersnacks to turn into a full-fledged surf site. We’re going to pioneer surfing Brooklyn cellar door spots and all the other abominations of the skate spot world, except on water.

Video is due out the week of September 12th. Alternate YouTube link here. First teaser here. If this site doesn’t turn into a surfing site by the end of the weekend, we’ll be sure to make use of whatever propped up tile/broken tree obstacles appear throughout the city.

Keep away from windows, stock up on beer/food/batteries/movies you’ve been meaning to watch, and have a safe weekend.

Still Plenty of Front Shoves to Come

Though we typically like to cap the summer off with the necessary “End of Summer” montage, this year we have been working with the crew over at Bowery Stadium to come up with something different for those last few days before everyone goes back to school/reality. Barcelona is only a small part of it, as the final production is destined to have an innumerable amount of front shoves and absurd New York spots to keep the angry purists happy.

Brief teaser below (answering our own “Question of the Summer.”) Much more to come. Full video due out September 12th, 2011. It’ll be during fashion week, so we’ll be working around the clock to make it up to Roctakon’s standards for this most sacred of New York weeks.

Alternate YouTube Link