Two Days Until Christmas

“Somebody told me you weren’t doing a Christmas clip this year. That would be a real tragedy.”

Safe travels to everyone heading someplace else for the holidays, and hopefully, none of you got stabbed seven times waiting in line for Jordans today. (To no one’s surprise, 2 Chainz put it best…) Here is a quick preview clip for our sixth (yeah) annual Christmas video (yes, there will be one.) It mostly features falls and things that won’t actually be in it. We even took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather yesterday, and got motivated enough to set this thing up again, only to get kicked out after ten minutes, and rained on when attempting to go back. That wrapped it up for the year. It’s been fun.

Video goes online Christmas morning. Same day basketball season starts.

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  1. How the fuck do you get stabbed 7 times and have the god damn po-lice say in the report that it was non life threatening.

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