It’s no secret that the internet has conspired to kill off the full-length skate video these past few years. But an enterprising real world minority continues to fight back, as evidenced by a few “Hey, could you post the promo for my video?” e-mails in the Quartersnacks inbox every week. It probably doesn’t take much to get your promo posted as a Monday link — just a front shove or two, a few awful spots, and no music by quirky indie bands. However, if you want a promo featured, well, then you’ll probably need to make a clip that involves a 2 Chainz feature somewhere (currently maybe one of five rappers worth putting up with a minute of Kanye for.)

The homie BJ Wishard sent over this promo clip for his Jersey/NY-based video, Feelin’ Friendly, due out next month. Subscribe on YouTube to stay updated, and for more videos. The video has full parts from Nico Magalhaes, Chris Rozborski, Brian Shroeder, Dillon Constantine, Matt Eaton, Nick Immediato, and Eric Dermond. Clip features German Nieves, Matt Eaton, Adrian Vega, Bill Marshall, BJ Wishard, Chris Rozborski, Derek Nawrocki, Joe Gore, Chris Murray, Nate Fantasia, Dan Vogedes, John Cruz, Joe Scordo, Nick Immediato, Tyler Hart, Sean Barone, Joey Boulliane, Eric Dermond, and Nico Magalhaes.

Those rocks on Water Street are an actual spot now, huh?


  1. Dope, but they should have cut that nose-slide shuvit out of the Quartersnacks edit.

  2. good to see the kanye hate. and the fs flip down the battery park double set was cool but i prefer mooney’s

  3. stop fakin, everyone knows this dude has 10 other promos edited to slit your wrist music

  4. as cool as trap beats sound they are single handedly setting rap backwards 30 steps in its evolution.

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