“Tote guns to the Grammys, pop bottles on the White House lawn…”

Flockavelli got robbed for record of the year at the Grammys. But masterworks like that often take years to marinate before people understand their true brilliance. What the hell is this Cadillac commercial nonsense? At least basketball went in a good direction yesterday.

Ok, wait, this is a skate site, right?

You can find QS affiliate, and 360 flip extraordinaire, Andre Page’s thirty seconds worth of tricks from Thanks Camera 4: Jump the Shark on the QS YouTube page. If you haven’t already seen it, go to Thankscamera.com to check out the whole video.

2nd Nature put together a video clip of their whole squad’s recent trip to Los Angeles. Features all of the remaining classic L.A. spots, and QS favorite, Little Chris, who is bound to become one of the best skaters in New York in the next few years. Four years ago, he was doing gnarly little kid kickflips down five sets in the first Watermelon video, now he’s front blunting ledges like a grown man. Just wait until he actually grows up.

Daniel Lebron is absurdly good at skateboarding, and has some of the most well-formed flatground trick execution out there. Watch his new Stacks welcome part a couple of times. The first line strikes such a harmonious balance between classic simplicity, and modern day trick extravagance. It never hurts to toss in a regular stance backside heelflip in the middle of a line.

Taji has a photography feature / interview over on the Converse website. Includes a shot of the East Village lurking degenerate that could probably be chalked up as having the longest-standing allegiance to the green and black flannel shirt.

Allow this to be a warning for anyone not keeping a solid, attentive look-out when spotting for a friend skating a gap into a street. It would be unfortunate if you’re the asshole responsible for a homie landing in the hospital after getting hit by a car because you were too busy checking Facebook or texting.

The digital version of the Philly-based skateboard ‘zine, Skate Jawn is now online. Physical copies are available at KCDC.

It was a heavy topic of discussion this past week, so you have probably already seen it, but Casey Rigney deserves a plaque of some sort for the feats he accomplished on the streets on New York in his most recent web part. Not really mad at the Cappadonna soundtrack either.

Time capsule clip of the moment: The New York section from Transworld’s Transmission 7 video. Thanks goes to whoever dropped the link in the comments.

If you want a quick shortcut to the straight skateboarding section from yesterday’s post of the Love Park On Video documentary, we threw up an upload of just Stevie and Kalis’ section on YouTube.

Quote of the Week:I want my party footage to outshine my skate footage.” – Pad Dowd

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  1. It doesn’t even look like that kid had a look out. More like a warning against being stupid than paying more attention.

  2. Flockavelli’s loss was the biggest fluke in Grammy history since they snubbed OJ Da Juiceman’s “Da Otha Side of Da Trap.”



    #1 VIDEO





    YOU A TV

  4. daniel lebron is damn good.
    transmission 7 needs more love in general, great video
    LA section features black eyed peas when they were a normal backpack rap group
    fucked up how shit changes

  5. adrian- the baltimore DC section is legendary but i’m biased cuz i grew up skating there. that whole video is on point, just kinda slept on cuz feedback, the reason, and modus were probably three of the best videos to ever come out one after another. transworld truly had it poppin for a minute. ie. was also tight

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