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Is E.T. still in Spain? Photo by Zach Baker

New spring goods now live on Just don’t expect a text back from Pryce.

but is E.T. still in Spain?

Over the weekend, there was a scare that Shorty’s was being demolished. Although it ended up being a miscommunication between the city and a private company, part of the structure was demolished, but much of the spot remains in tact. The Shorty’s crew met with the mayor of Newark today, and you can read an update here.

Jason Byoun wallies off of snow.

Bunches and bunches of interviews this week…

Super refreshing to see an interview with a nineties pro from the east coast that doesn’t tread the bitter waters that cover so many recollections of that time period. Chromeball interview #99 is with civil engineer, Andy Stone. Anndd Twitter’s saying the newly surfaced footage of him belongs in the Smithsonian.

Speedway Mag posted its extended interview with Josh Stewart about the entire Static series on the occasion of Theories’ ten-year anniversary. (The edited version originally appeared on the Keen Distribution site if some bits seem familiar.)

Pontus Alv interviews Johnny Wilson and then Pontus Alv interviews Bobby Puleo.

Cafe Creme blog interviewed R.B. Umali.

A Minnesotan asks a good question: why isn’t Chicago a bigger deal in skateboarding?

“Elsewhere in Los Angeles, Jim Greco boils.” As discussed last week, skateboarding has doubled down on angst while angsty icons of the 2000s have rebranded themselves with a newfound focus on straightforward skateboarding. Boil the Ocean considers our age of the self-concious comeback in skateboarding.

Consult aforelinked Andy Stone interview for context on why people still fawn over 411 videos. Tennyson comes through with another compilation, this time an eleven-minute mash-up Carl Shipman and Tom Penny, maybe the only guy out there who can keep your attention with twenty-year-old contest footage :)

This Rowan Zorilla Instagram comp is a good time.

The Northern Co. goes all-city in their five-minute “Summer Trip to New York” montage. (Ok fine, they don’t go to Staten Island — has there ever been a truly all-city summer montage though?)

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week Year[?]: Who is James Harden again?

Quote of the Week
Conor Prunty: “It took me like two years to learn how to ollie.”
Jesse Alba: “My dad is still learning how to ollie, he’s been skating for like 40 years.”


Gotta get back on it, sorry :(

Skateboarding in the Second City

April 24th, 2013 | 5:37 am | Daily News | 4 Comments


“This one guest skater is a party boy in white v-neck with both kness ripped out of jeans who does a chill switch line.”

A combination of today’s 70-degree forecast, shipping t-shirts, and late night Chris Paul bank shots / torrid Golden State shooting nights threw off our already loose editorial calendar. In consolation, one of the few widely circulated Chicago videos in recent memory was uploaded to YouTube yesterday.

You might remember Chity from Galen Dekemper’s 50,000+ word review play-by-play, in which he felt that “these guys kick it with girls who go to music shows” and offered commentary on a myriad of outfits worn in the video. We’re all waiting to see if unnecessarily riding on long grates will emerge as a space-filling novelty trick in the same way unnecessary powerslides have become acceptable for chino-wearing skateboarders in urban environments.

Midwestern videos have continued to develop followings outside their immediate scenes in recent years, and Chity is a solid companion piece to Debris, Homegrown, St. Losers or whatever your favorite may be. Whether or not the midwest skate video renaissance will come in contact with the Chicago rap renissance remains to be seen, but we won’t get our hopes up. And since the Bulls are the only team left in the league that doesn’t take shit from the Heat — let’s go Bulls.

“On a first watching, it may be difficult to remember which white skater was doing which tricks where, but differences emerge after the repeated viewings this video encourages.”

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Hurricane Sandy Links

October 29th, 2012 | 8:30 am | Daily News | 7 Comments

Rest in Peace Reggie Destin. Reggie’s friends are continuing their fundraiser to cover hospital costs and services. Sam McGuire and Joe Hammeke, two midwest-based photographers, are selling prints of skate photos for the same cause. (This shot of a back tail on the Sundial Ledges in Chicago is great.) Our friend Martin Davis is also printing a run of the original Push Skateshop tees to raise money.

Austyn Gillette and friends skating around New York in this last minute (and extremely saturated) entry to the “Summer in New York” clip cycle.

Skateboarder posted an interview with Chris Keefe about DQM’s collaboration with Cliché. It includes a bunch of photos by Jonathan Mehring.

Whoa, a Corey Rubin sighting AND a Loose Trucks Max sighting in the same clip?

Some young kids shredding cutty spots. Anyone born post-1990 and still skating the best material / worst ground State Building ledge gets extra points.

Blacking out on 4Loko (#trendwatch2009?), and Luis Tolentino and Rob Gonyon skating those two skateparks in Queens.

A lifestyley clip of skating in Harlem, unsurprisingly set to Big L. At first, it seemed appropriate to point skateboarders in the direction of this Rap & R&B section on the “People from Harlem” Wikipedia page, but it doesn’t include Charly Wingate (or G. Dep), so consider it useless.

The Skateboard Mag re-posted a New York article with the Stereo team from 2009.

Our friend Stephen McClintock’s photo show, “Happiness is Expensive,” is supposed to have its closing reception tonight from 6 to 10 P.M. Click here for the flyer. As you could imagine, it is weather-dependent. Todd Jordan interviewed him over on The Heavy Mental.

The NBA season starts back up tomorrow. James “I Disappeared from the 2012 Finals” Harden got traded to the Houston Rockets, thus ending any sort of QS Sports Desk pipe dream scenario where the Bulls amnesty Carlos Boozer and somehow end up with Harden, or Oklahoma extends Harden’s contract and trades Westbrook for a guard who actually passes to the best scorer in the NBA (ideally Rondo, but you know, these are mere fantasies.) Brace yourself for a sportswriter’s dream / New York fan’s nightmare of a Lakers-Heat Final. In other news, 50% of the Knicks roster is already hurt, and Jeremy Evans had the best play of the pre-season.

Quote of the Week: “It’s fun…as opposed to boring.” — Torey Goodall

Good luck with this Hurricane Sandy mess. Here’s our “Ten Hurricanes Better Than Hurricane Irene” post from last year, which could easily be re-applied to Sandy.

Help Out Reggie Destin

October 24th, 2012 | 3:52 pm | Daily News | 4 Comments

October 27: Reggie Destin passed away this morning. Rest in peace. Read a statement from one of his close friends here.

Reggie Destin, a longtime staple of the skateboard scene in Chicago, was hit by a drunk driver while skateboarding in a bike lane on Friday night. He suffered severe head injuries and is currently hospitalized in critical condition. The driver fled the scene and was caught by police several blocks later. It was the driver’s second drunk driving offense and he is currently being held on $400,000 bail.

Though I do not know him personally, friends from Chicago say that Reggie is behind a ton of great projects that helped build the city’s skate scene over the years. He is the founder of Push Skateshop, ran Affiliate Skateboards, and has worked with Girl, Chocolate and Empire Distribution (former distributor of Vehicle.) One of Reggie’s friends has organized an online fundraiser to help cover medical costs as a result of this accident. Please donate what you can and keep him in your prayers.

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