The Third Track — Johnny Wilson & Supreme in Chicago

If you’re a longtime QS reader, there’s a decent chance that the ~2014-2020 run of Johnny Wilson videos have saved up enough repeat viewings for a penthouse apartment in your heart. And within that sweet-spot of unbridled productivity that went down from 2014 to 2016, “rack” always felt like something of a crown jewel. There were Cyrus’ night lines, Hjalte and Brass interchanging clips before they were Polar teammates, and Antonio throwing a switch tre down D7 in the middle of a web edit — all soundtracked to Moodymann, when #skatevideohouse was at its peak.

Which is also the reason we’re talking about “rack” today. Johnny just dropped a Chicago edit with the Supreme dudes to commemorate the opening of their new store out there, and a Moodymann reprise was naturally in order. Except this time, it’s Nik Stain, Kris Brown and Kalis trading granite cathedral lines, Caleb with 10/10 switch heel form, and Tyshawn doing Tyshawn shit.

The original “rack” upload is MIA, but veganxbones …racked up 100k views on the bootleg print over on YouTube ;)


  1. All these years prognosticating/debating about about #pants and #style and then not even a casual shoutout/examination of Ben’s pants @2:18??

  2. SF, Milan, Paris… those store openings all got 10+ min edits and brought people from that area onto the supreme team. Great edit but should have brought more.

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