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Back. Foot.

Consider this the more official version of March’s post regarding the whereabouts of William Phan, the Quartersnacks office’s unanimous choice for “#1 Skater From the 2000s Who We Wish Didn’t Fade Into Obscurity.” And add it to the routine praise of Lordz’ 2003 classic, They Don’t Give a Fuck About Us, which is a direct inspiration for this re-edit, mostly by way of music supervision.

Last time around, we dwelled on Phan’s exceptional flatground abilities, but it should be noted that he is also perhaps the only great slow skater. For us normal people, skating slow is obviously a result of not being comfortable enough with a certain trick / every trick, thus making it impossible for stuff to look good. But for a guy who’s recent approach to skating has been reported as “Still skating in Barcelona every day, doesn’t give a shit,” his apathetic, couldn’t-be-bothered way of masterfully riding a board makes a ton of sense. It is a bit more apparent in the post-Lordz footage than in that debut part though. Consult the video below.

The footage comes from the Lordz video (omg obvs), Phan’s shared part with Baptiste Myzor in the 2005 Square video (unfortunately available online in not-the-best compression, so you’ll notice some rippling throughout the footage), and random clips from his filmer’s Vimeo page. 2002-2007ish. Have a good weekend.

Alternate YouTube Link

P.S. How about that Boston-Brooklyn trade? Did the Nets not get the memo watch the Knicks’ 2012-2013 season about how mortgaging away youth in exchange for guys in their late-thirties doesn’t pan out in the playoffs? Or is Prokhorov just trolling Knicks fans into creating a real “rivalry” by getting two players they completely hate?

P.P.S. Yaje’s back.

Linkz N Hood Chek


B.C.C.B.G.Ps: Boot Camp Click Background Props. Photo by Brendan Carroll.

Never saw this before: The story behind the famous photo of Gonz at Alcatraz. If “music is fifty-percent of the video part,” then the spot is fifty-percent of the photo.

R.I.P. Drop-In Skatepark. Thanks for the memories.

As a follow-up to Friday’s William Phan post, here are two random GoPro clips found floating around on Vimeo. Nothing too exciting, but some display of the aforementioned flip trick abilities. Re-edit eventually?

Noted Park Slope rib spot, Pork Slope, put together a cruiser video with In4mation. Go skate the nearby pop-over ledge, and then enjoy some ribs and a beer.

Three Up Three Down (the New York version) is the chillest.

An incredible story about battling to skateboard in Buffalo and battling brain cancer.

Boil the Ocean continues with the common “skate industry = high school” analogy to explain how the ex-Blueprint rider offshoot and the actual Blueprint 2.0 reboot is like a broken up couple showing up to prom with new dates. Or something.

In light of Google Video’s demise, Peter re-uploaded Flipmode 3: The First Flipmode Video to YouTube. Enjoy a wonderful look back at the finest NY-based little kid video of its time, and the second best film of 2006. Free Billy Lynch.

Wait, so Mike Carroll and Lee Smith wear all the clothes at DQM before they get put on the rack? Weird.

Spot Updates: 1) Thanks to some awful asphalt work on behalf of the Parks Department, the entire T.F. is now covered in small pebbles due to one crack they filled in. It does however, now have a metal-less wallie box. 2) The city approved the construction of an AIDS memorial on the triangle at 7th Avenue and 12th Street / where the St. Vincent’s Bank is. Get your tricks in while you can. At least they’re not turning the triangle into a Duane Reade or another all-glass high-rise…

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Dirk’s game winner against the Bulls. Can you guys please make the playoffs instead of the Lakers? Thanks.

Quote of the Week: “Yo this dude is dressed like he just saw Fight Club.” — T-Bird

This Vine thing seems like a lot of work, but we’re on there now.

What Happened to William Phan?

william phan

We posed the question above on Facebook, and got a response within three minutes: “Still skating in Barcelona every day. Doesn’t give a shit.”

You know that hypothetical “If you could skate like one person, who would it be?” scenario? Most usually answer with Cardiel or Gino, but a consideration people often forget when formulating their response is how nice it would be to have the flip tricks of someone who skated MACBA every day for over a decade. William Phan is one of those dudes who would do insane lines but still have the flat tricks stand out as the most impressive part. The kickflip up the ledge in the first line of his They Don’t Give a Fuck About Us part is legitimately one of the most memorable moments of the entire video. He even makes 360 frontside flips — a trick otherwise reserved for Battle of the Berrics and Greg Lutzka — look good. Observe below.

Unfortunately for anyone who doesn’t skate MACBA every day, he’s seldom been seen since a part in one of the best Euro videos of all-time, and yes, this is our second TDGAFAU-inspired post in twelve months. He’s on some European sect of Nike SB, last seen in the bonus section of Nothing but the Truth and the French SB team’s trip to China montage. BUT, thanks to the magic of Facebook (it’s not completely irrelevant yet!), some lesser-seen footage of Phan was brought to light via what looks like the filmer from the TDGAFAU era’s Vimeo page. This includes a clean quality version of his shared part from No Place Like Home (the YouTube upload for it sucks), which might be his only full part outside of the Lordz video. It doesn’t benefit from TDGAFAU‘s level of music supervision and has graphics that look like they come from shirts sold at Burkina, but it’s great either way. In the same Vimeo account, you’ll also find two “Firing Line”-style uploads that are incredible.

Add William Phan to the “He’d make a great Manolo Mixtape…” list.

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