William Phan’s Greatest Hits

william phan re edit

Back. Foot.

Consider this the more official version of March’s post regarding the whereabouts of William Phan, the Quartersnacks office’s unanimous choice for “#1 Skater From the 2000s Who We Wish Didn’t Fade Into Obscurity.” And add it to the routine praise of Lordz’ 2003 classic, They Don’t Give a Fuck About Us, which is a direct inspiration for this re-edit, mostly by way of music supervision.

Last time around, we dwelled on Phan’s exceptional flatground abilities, but it should be noted that he is also perhaps the only great slow skater. For us normal people, skating slow is obviously a result of not being comfortable enough with a certain trick / every trick, thus making it impossible for stuff to look good. But for a guy who’s recent approach to skating has been reported as “Still skating in Barcelona every day, doesn’t give a shit,” his apathetic, couldn’t-be-bothered way of masterfully riding a board makes a ton of sense. It is a bit more apparent in the post-Lordz footage than in that debut part though. Consult the video below.

The footage comes from the Lordz video (omg obvs), Phan’s shared part with Baptiste Myzor in the 2005 Square video (unfortunately available online in not-the-best compression, so you’ll notice some rippling throughout the footage), and random clips from his filmer’s Vimeo page. 2002-2007ish. Have a good weekend.

Alternate YouTube Link

P.S. How about that Boston-Brooklyn trade? Did the Nets not get the memo watch the Knicks’ 2012-2013 season about how mortgaging away youth in exchange for guys in their late-thirties doesn’t pan out in the playoffs? Or is Prokhorov just trolling Knicks fans into creating a real “rivalry” by getting two players they completely hate?

P.P.S. Yaje’s back.


  1. PS switch inward heel/fakie hardflip alone were better than many pro’s whole video parts.

  2. take all the best things about Tom Penny, combine them with all the best things about PJ Ladd, and this kid is that super human being.

  3. @TANZ word on the street is yes. He just doesn’t give a fuck who sees him doing it at this point.

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