What Happened to William Phan?

william phan

We posed the question above on Facebook, and got a response within three minutes: “Still skating in Barcelona every day. Doesn’t give a shit.”

You know that hypothetical “If you could skate like one person, who would it be?” scenario? Most usually answer with Cardiel or Gino, but a consideration people often forget when formulating their response is how nice it would be to have the flip tricks of someone who skated MACBA every day for over a decade. William Phan is one of those dudes who would do insane lines but still have the flat tricks stand out as the most impressive part. The kickflip up the ledge in the first line of his They Don’t Give a Fuck About Us part is legitimately one of the most memorable moments of the entire video. He even makes 360 frontside flips — a trick otherwise reserved for Battle of the Berrics and Greg Lutzka — look good. Observe below.

Unfortunately for anyone who doesn’t skate MACBA every day, he’s seldom been seen since a part in one of the best Euro videos of all-time, and yes, this is our second TDGAFAU-inspired post in twelve months. He’s on some European sect of Nike SB, last seen in the bonus section of Nothing but the Truth and the French SB team’s trip to China montage. BUT, thanks to the magic of Facebook (it’s not completely irrelevant yet!), some lesser-seen footage of Phan was brought to light via what looks like the filmer from the TDGAFAU era’s Vimeo page. This includes a clean quality version of his shared part from No Place Like Home (the YouTube upload for it sucks), which might be his only full part outside of the Lordz video. It doesn’t benefit from TDGAFAU‘s level of music supervision and has graphics that look like they come from shirts sold at Burkina, but it’s great either way. In the same Vimeo account, you’ll also find two “Firing Line”-style uploads that are incredible.

Add William Phan to the “He’d make a great Manolo Mixtape…” list.


  1. I believe he also had a part or something shared in one of the older puzzle videos.. Like number 10, 11 or 12 or something. He was by far one of my favorite skaters back then.

  2. Yes, around puzzle 12 or so. Maybe he just has a lot of chaos footy in those, because i remember being stoked on him before Lordz from his puzzle footy. Might be nr. 13 with the flo part with nollie crooks le dome.. Right around that time. Wasnt he on aeon as Well? Think he has a lot of aeon tour footage in puzzle 17 or so? I have all the VHS’s so im gonna check it out later!

  3. I dont have a VHS player, but there is a Lordz and a square Tour in 13. Must have been from those and then the chaos parts i knew him before.. Im just pretty sure i saw a part in something puzzle relater though. I will keep on digging.

    Or you could just mail him on facebook and ask haha. He is in a lot og the soulja griptape (flo’s and alex’s grip company) photos on facebook.

  4. Dude is soo fucking hype! Been a fan since the TDGAFAU vid. William is like the Stenger of Europe. Amazing Pop, dope flat ground, endless bag of tricks and steez!

  5. He had a few bits of footage in some of the Puzzle videos once they became free mag-packaged DVDs (I definitely got a few free with some Kingpin issues). One of the best from that era of euro skating anyway, far too often overlooked in favour of Flo Marfaing or whoever.

  6. Wow that line with the sw inward heel fakie hardflip etc…

    I was also wondering wether Frank Baratiero was still skating, and there was also one guy from Paris who was really sick in those old Puzzle videos called Tony Brossard or something…

  7. his hardflip back 5 and bsnb in lordz are the best ledge tricks ever done. so light footed. kind of a random question but anyone know what happened to Geoffrey Van Hove?

  8. Yes, but him and Daniel Lebron have the most enviable flat skills in skateboarding, so the flat there definitely has something to do with it.

  9. ‘Bout Geoffrey Van Hove I believe he’s still skating in Belgium, Brussels, and sometimes takes part of local (though talented) video parts along with some younger skaters (such as Valentin Agnus).
    Last time I spent some time there he was mostly occupying the shooter/recorder pos but he still skates insanely (-:

  10. Still skating in Barcelona and living his life there. Heard about new videos being shot though?!!

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