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Alex Olson started a lil’ skate talk show called “Skate Wise” on Know Wave Radio. The first episode is on Soundcloud. It’s the talk show equivalent of a bunch of dudes sitting around on a couch ranting about skating after a session. No real format or try-hard radio personas, which is nice. “I love Ishod, Ishod is sick. Yeah, he drinks beer.”

2013 Q.S.S.O.T.Y, Leo Gutman, has a new jazz-tinged mini part for Acapulco Gold.

Frozen in Carbonite on the custom, 1-of-1 Sal 23 Nike SB Dunk Low colorway. “I’m not sure if I’m going to skate them or just stunt around for the summer. In any event, as you can imagine, they pair well with Light-Ass Denim.™”

Jason Dill: Post-Mindfield and pre-“cherry” remix video.

Keelan Dadd? No disrespect to anyone listed, but the #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Epicly Later’d that “needs” to happen is Muska. #10 is Sheffey.

Video blog #211 from the Beef Patty guys, with some block-long Max Palmer lines.

Here’s the Richmond, VA-based Recordings of Boardings video, Off the Record. The RAW VIDEO was online all weekend, but got taken down and is now only available for preorder in hard copy form. Based on one viewing of that project, Boston seems to be one of the final east coast refuges for jean shorts. Could the Celtics be in the market for a Josh Harrellson acquisition?

After seeing one in Static 4, and another one in this Capita Skateboards clip, it might be time to officially place frontside 5050 backside 360 outs on 2014’s #trendwatch. Also could happily spend the remainder of human existence without hearing another Big L or Wu-Tang song in a skate video, but Redman might forever have a pass :)

The all-subway skating section from Tengu is now on YouTube. Shout out M.N.M.F.T.B.

They’re trying to make make the Santa Monica Courthouse a legal skate spot. Of course, it involves skateboarders being patient, not stupid, etc, so there’s an uphill climb ahead. America is utter garbage for skateboarding, btw #eurowithdrawl.

The security guards at that new pop over rail by the 7th Avenue banks are going to have a fun summer. P.S. They’re already reknobbing the ledges at Seaport 5.0.

QS Sports Desk: Melo’s opting out. Who cares.

Quote of the Week: “What the hell is the tristate area? Ain’t no tristate! Jersey and New York — that’s the tristate.” — Overheard Angry Guy on the Phone


Eric Koston NYC Cruiser Footage – Circa 1995

To wrap up this mildly Girl/Chocolate themed week, here is a quick clip of Koston cruising around downtown circa 1995-ish, via the B-roll tapes from his Epicly Later’d series that came out earlier this year. Not much by way of actual “tricks,” just cruiser footage from the area around C.I.A. Ledge and the road that surrounded the Twin Towers (to the side of where the white stone benches were.) Thanks to Chris and the crew at VBS for sharing this with us. The audio is jacked in a few places, but you can deal with it. Have a good weekend.

Loosely Related (from two years earlier):

Film a Stupid Line, Win Free Stuff








The crew behind the Eric Koston Epicly Later’d episodes had some product to throw around and hit us up for ideas. This week’s episode is about Menik Mati (the most “serious” video of its time) and Chomp On This (the least “serious” video of its time.) Chomp was a crucial part of your life if you were in your early-teens in 2002. If you were 14 back then and claim to have never drawn a Pac-Man on your board with a Sharpie, you’re probably a liar.

We don’t normally run contests around here, but this one could be fun: Film the dumbest, silliest, most absurd line as a homage to Chomp, and win a Girl, Indy and Spitfire complete, a bunch of Four Star gear, a pair of Oakleys and a pair of Nike SB Koston 1s (no éS Koston 3s with custom Pac-Man paint marker art were available for this contest, sorry.) Runner up gets a pair of Koston 1s and a set of Spitfires. Do eighty unnecessary manuals, backside 5050 a ledge in a full Kobe Bryant uniform, do the most annoying no-comply trick imaginable, do a misty flip into the Courthouse Drop, do a five-trick line on a row of three-foot-long manny pads. The stupider, the better. Bring the circus tricks out. Preferably no skateparks.

The entries will be judged by ten dudes in a room drinking three thirty packs, so you don’t need to do the “best” trick to win by any means. The more absurd, the better. The best ones will be thrown into a compilation clip at the end of the contest.

Submissions: All entries must be submitted to qsvicecontest [at] gmail [dot] com by the end of the day on Friday August 31st, 2012. You can send private Vimeo links, unlisted YouTube links, file sharing site links to raw files, whatever. Please make all your entries at least 480p quality. Video format does not matter. VX, Hi8, HD, VHS, iPhone, GoPro, etc. are all fine. No, you do not need to live in/near New York. This contest is open to anyone anywhere. If you have anymore questions e-mail qsvicecontest [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll get back to you. Have fun.

Watch Chomp On This in its entirety for ideas.

Footage Footnotes to Pt. 2 of the Ricky Oyola Epicly Later’d Episode

“My dream in my whole life of skating, was to do a line from before City Hall. Ollie off into the street, ollie up those stairs [at the Municipal Building], do a line in there, then hit the stairs, and into Love Park, through Love Park, and then to Wawa.”

Someone still needs to do a line from CBS to Paine Webber.

Stepping into the putrid abyss of bickering that is the Slap Message Board is often an emotionally draining exercise. However, the leap was made last night to look for some skate nerd enlightenment on the 1993-1994 footage in Oyola’s latest Epicly Later’d episode.

And success!

Someone came through and uploaded Eastern Exposure 2 (the rare one…the one that wasn’t on the DVD that Dan Wolfe released a few years ago, which only had the first and third Eastern Exposures.) Full 700MB .avi download here. Thank you to whoever on Slap rigged that, you have restored some faith in one of the internet’s most polarizing institutions.

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The Love Park Story

“I saw a 411 opener of Ricky olling two cans off a propped up tile, and I thought that was the dopest looking thing I have ever seen on a skateboard. I told myself when I go back to Philly, I’m propping up them tiles and skating over those cans.”

If you spend any time on the skateboard-related part of the internet, you have no doubt seen part 2 of the Josh Kalis Epicly Later’d series. The series has already began dwelling on a lot of the east coast “golden era” stories, namely some of the lesser known political alliances that existed in Love Park as it was beginning to rise to prominence in the early-to-mid-nineties. Since the series is obviously more biographical of an individual (i.e. there’s more to Kalis, Stevie, Ricky Oyola, etc. than just Love Park), it makes sense to share some biographical work that was done on the actual spot from seven years ago.

“Saga of a Skate Landmark” was a thirty-minute segment that originally appeared in the Winter 2004 issue of On Video Magazine. (For the few who may not know: On was a more documentary-esque approach to skateboard video magazines that lasted for the first few years of the 2000s, they would cover tours, skaters, and things like that, but their real strong suit was well-researched pieces like this, with solid interviews and archival footage. Basically, a lot like Epicly Later’d but less focussed on specific individuals as opposed to events, spots, etc.) The segment expands on a lot of the Kalis meeting Stevie story, and the Kalis versus Ricky angle, but overall, it is definitely wider in scope towards the actual spot, as it features interviews with the park’s original city planner, Photosythesis-era anecdotes, and plenty of amazing footage. The video used to be on Google Video, but has been giving “Not Available” errors for quite some time, so here it is on Vimeo.

Here’s the text message I received prior to seeing the new episode, as I was watching the Knicks embarrass themselves against the Clippers on Wednesday evening. It’s a humorous summary. Quote of the Day. Via Roctakon: