Streets Need That Muska Epicly Later’d Fam



Short of maybe an Epicly Later’d with the entire original Zoo York team (that’s never happening), it’s hard to think of one as desperately needed as one with The Muska.

The “Occasionally Awesome” Podcast dropped an episode with Ed Templeton yesterday, which tells the story of a fateful night when Muska got kicked off Toy Machine (at the 31:20 mark.) There’s no candidate equipped to tell the tale of the ~1998-to-mid-2000s “rockstar era” of skateboarding like The Muska. Kerry Getz is cool but he ain’t kick it with Paris Hilton et al in Las Vegas superclubs.

If you were to re-create a less-dark version of Boogie Nights, except base it on the turn of the millennium, pre-high speed internet skate industry rather than the porn industry at the advent of home video, the Dirk Diggler figure would have to be based on The Muska. (The Welcome to Hell premiere night is clearly the start of act two — it’s set up almost too perfect.) Paul Thomas Anderson probably lost my business card or something (I have the treatment ready to go man), but until he finds it, the crew over at VBS really needs to get it together and work some magic.

And let us not forget the time when Mike V. took on an entire security staff so he “could rescue The Muska from the bad guys.” It’s baffling why skateboarders keep finding themselves making these awful, heavy-handed motivational skate movies, when the most cinematic skate career just sits there as an anecdote on some Podcast with Ed Templeton for three minutes.

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  1. If that Kids Documentary comes out this year, that will be the closest thing to a Zoo York Epicly Later’d that we get

  2. that was pretty much an endorsement of mike V as far as im concerned. Muska had the gayest style of all time, you guys have a pretty legit nostalgic thing going on but im guessing you were a bit younger when Muska blew up he was corny as fuck after toy machine. I NEVER hate on skaters style but this dudes whole set was just showing off to little kids. That was his gig.

    I know I know, im hater, troll, stfu, blah blah. Muska is the corniest skater ever. Simon Woodstock was cooler. Josh Kasper was cooler. Dudes name is CHAD for chrissakes!

  3. I never said anything about skating, hes sick as hell. But dude wears tuxedo vests, sideways hats and a baseball glove! but i know, thats cool or something. Young kids these days…..Clowns are “in,” I know.

  4. Pretty sure all my friends – except me of course – were able to go to the Philly premiere of Welcome to Hell and overheard Ricky commenting on Elisa’s tits or something to that effect. Strange the things that stick in your mind.

  5. Dominiic dropping knowledge, ” dude wears a tuxedo vest and a baseball glove!” Muska is a joke. And his beats were garbage.

  6. well muska is old news

    clowns were in in 2005

    now its more like everyone looks like extras from Saved by The Bell

  7. you guys are bugged, MUSKA is/ was the shit. He may have gone off the deep end with the gear. But there was a solid run where he was doin it proper on all levels. His feedback part is legendary. if he was truly a “chad” he’d be rocking a UVA hat with the frayed visor and some brooks brothers.

  8. Tbh, even if you’re not a “fan” of Muska or didn’t start skating around that time when he was the biggest thing, who else is better representative of that 1998-2004 time period when a bunch of dudes were caking off shoe and board sponsors / Tony Hawk Pro Skater and living like rappers? It was a very special era of “skate celebrity” that probably won’t come around again and is a story worth telling, esp. with his whole rags to riches angle.

  9. ^ bam margera was probably the best representative of the 1998-2004 skaters gone wild era. at least in terms of overall cultural impact.

  10. ps the UVA lacrosse chad sounds like the next east coast style trend to be milked. getting pretty close with the polo dad hats and youth crew revival

  11. The first video I got when I was about 10 years old was fulfill the dream and it got me hooked on skating for life. The dude”s an entertainer on and off the board. Muska will forever be a skate legend

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