Postcard From Milan — Pietro Bontà’s “LA VIDEOPART DI BILLY”

Every now and then, a part pops out of nowhere and makes you go: well, goddamn.

Our boy Matteo Ricci, a onetime lensman for Milan’s Meaningless Productions outfit, sent this one of Pietro “Billy” Bontà over this morning. Filmed over the past few years in Milan, it’s four minutes of the type of skating that makes you want to start writing in Thrasher captions: Raw! Speed! Power! Creativity! Rawr!

But to avoid all that, let’s say it feels like the sort of timeless, powerful skateboarding that would’ve fit in an old Eastern Exposure video (Paisan Exposure?) as easily as it could fit in a modern day Polar video (We Cazzo’d It At Some Point?) I’ve ran it back three times today, which is a massive compliment in a week where it’s felt like there’s been five new videos a day.

And when’s the last time someone ran a headband in their ender? So sick.

Also love the contrast between literally switch front crooking the high rail at Centrale, and then hitting a just-above sea level curb in the next one.

Video by Patrick Frunzio. Filmed between 1964 and 2024.

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