#QSTOP10 — March 1, 2024

Eclectic lil’ mix of spots this week. #2 should’ve been a Thrasher cover. That Marshall Manuel (the dude who does the coffins down all the S.F. hills) Deep Fried part is so sick. Still trying to process the physics of that wallie lipslide on the two parking blocks. And somebody tell the dude at the end that throwing pebbles to stop people who are already skating literal cobblestones probably isn’t going to work.

Much love to avid QS reader and Top 10 viewer, Sean Malto, for the shoutout in much unexpected circumstances.

The obstacle that won the Tenant x Quartersnacks Blue Park design contest is being built, and we aim to drop it off next weekend. (No, we didn’t reveal the winner. Figured it makes more sense to just build it.)

QS for Converse will be available in our webstore at 10 A.M. (free shipping on all domestic orders for a limited time only!) and in fine skateshops worldwide today.

Have a good one ❤️

Original Clips:


Intro via @belljosh23 [link]
10) Brian Powderly via Static VI [link]
9) Joseph Biais via Rassvet’s Blue video [link]
8) Austyn Gillette via Rassvet’s Blue video [link]
7) Marshall Manuel via Deep Fried part [link]
6) Louie Lopez via IG [link]
5) Talles Silva via “Top Heavy” part [link]
4) Bruno Silva via “BOBBY” part [link]
3) Remy Taveira via Rassvet’s Blue video [link]
2) Ben Havran via Zero’s Less Than Zero video [link]
1) Marky Numbers via “It’s Frog Baby” video [link]


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