Another Paul Young Sure Shot — ‘Down By Law’ is Now Live

Every skate video — company, crew, whatever — aims to be greater than the sum of its parts, but it’s usually the videos entirely helmed by filmers that come with the most personal touch.

If you remember, Paul Young’s Down By Law was supposed to be a much smaller video. The only “starring” roles in the teaser from July ’22 were Joe Russo and Ben Tenner. Filmers don’t always get a chance to be in complete control of their footage, often having to cede the priority of passion projects to giving friends’ sponsors all their A-roll in exchange for rent money. But when they do, the influences become apparent in such a beautiful way. Great videographers are often the biggest critics of their own work, so when they have total control, its imperative that everything feel right and meaningful.

Down By Law creates a gumbo out of a super-specific pocket of early-2000s web edits from New York and New Jersey, with a few under-heralded local legends overdue for a new part, and an entourage of current Bronze-o-sphere and Quasi-verse stars that Paul has spent the past decade-plus filming — all set to nineties east coast hip-hop deep cuts (and their sample sources!), with the pacing of an early Girl/Chocolate video. It’s so specific, and it’s great when you feel something being exactly what was intended from the start through the screen.

By the time you’re nearing the final quarter, you swear, “Oh, wasn’t expecting a full part from him! It’s gotta be the last one!” Then the next one rolls, and you’re like “Oh shit, nah, this is definitely last part.” And when the actual last part comes up, you had no idea he was even supposed to be in it — let alone with a full section.

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  1. Congratulations Paul on an instant classic! Thanks for taking time to make this masterpiece. Are hard copies available?

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