Club Going Glue on a Tuesday — Cooper Winterson’s Glue Skateboards Part

Skated by the whoo-de-whoo spot at Southbridge Towers the other day, and remembered that Cooper Winterson’s \m/ video — the one that gave much of the world an early intro to Sage Elsesser, Aidan Mackey, Ben Kadow (Ben back 3’s the aforementioned bump-to-flat in it) et al. a year before “cherry” dropped — turned ten this summer. On one hand, we can give you a “time flies”cliché here. On the other, there’s such a thing as being “quietly influential” a la “if you know, you know” and \m/ certainly carries that distinction if we clock a lot of the indie videos to come after it.

While on an endless quest for a song that everyone will hate, Cooper has taken on a much more common front-of-the-lens mode in the ensuing decade. He just dropped a standalone part for Glue, full of third-eye-open shit — though I do worry for the young man’s safety in choosing to skate a manual pad in the middle of the deathtrap that is McGuinness Boulevard.

There’s no shortage of pathways at that new-ish spot just over the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge, but that ride-on grind to land on the last step certainly wasn’t on the bingo card 😲

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