‘ab’ — Alan Bell’s New Part For Late Nite Stars by Nico Marti

The element of surprise is becoming tougher to come by in skate videos. It’s a numbers game: with simply more skaters scouring more spots and more videographers to document them, there’s more talent covering the bases of what makes us yell at our screens in disbelief.

Alan Bell, however, has been a leading purveyor of surprises lately. Whether it’s hopping a curb that slices a giant bank into two halves in “It’s All Good,” the video game combo heelflip heard ’round the internet from “Be Honest,” or the Allen Street kickflip that we discussed earlier this week — there’s a consistent thread of “what the actual fuck” running through it all.

In Alan’s latest part — put together by Nico Marti for Late Nite Stars — he uncovers a new approach to the knobs at Verizon banks barely two weeks removed from Mr. Palmer front blunting them, backside flips across one of New York’s burgeoning egg spots, and just when you think you’re about to be treated to the elusive triple replay of a trick, you get one last surprise as the curtains close ;)

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