Cooper Winterson Part For Mess Skate Mag

Photo by Bobby Murphy for Mess Skate Mag

We have partnered with Mess Skate Mag to release a few videos tied back to their inaugural issue, which you can now find for free in many shops throughout the U.S.

Over the years, Cooper has had a wide-ranging slate of appearances in front of the camera: from the prescient \m/ video in 2013, to Daniel Dent’s World Peath, to Pete Spooner’s Skating Is Easy, to the Ether video that Stephen Ostrowski ran off of Cooper’s YouTube.

His new one for Mess is self-edited, and finds him building on the endurance-testing pursuit of stringing lines through the Roslyn train station parking lot, and getting one of the final clips on the short-lived manny pad in front of the Escape From New York church.

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  1. I can’t wait for America to come back to China so we can make Nike shoes for you again!

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