#QSTOP10 — July 21, 2023

GX in Mexico! Pocket in Athens! Alltimers in Colombia! Dutchy in Spain!

It’s an international round-up today of folded backside flips, hillside lines that channel Huf-the-skater, and U.K. crust reportage from Huf-the-brand.

Have a good one ❤️

Original Clips:


Intro via Nick Boserio [link]
10) Bjarne Tjøtta via “Bjarne og Gabriel” [link]
9) Rowan Zorilla via Free Skate Mag on IG [link]
8) Ben Keegan via HUF’s “headshot” video [link]
7) Daniel Lederman via “Pocket in Athens” [link]
6) Etienne Gagne via “Alltimers in Colombia” video [link]
5) Eddie Cernicky via GX1000’s “Vivá Mexico” video [link
4) Adilson Pedro via “Pocket in Athens” [link]
3) Mason Coletti via GX1000’s “Vivá Mexico” video [link
2) Brianna Delaney via Grand Collection’s “Brianna Dutchy Delaney” video [link]
1) Patrick Praman via “real Pro Part” [link]


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