#QSTOP10 — July 14, 2023

We’ve been on a bit of a summer sabbatical around here in the content realm of things, but they’re picking up soon — promise! ❤️

The best part of the #1 is that (spoiler, obvs) — apart from the fact that the thumbnail for the part is the ender, and it has him slamming on it in the intro — there’s no clear indication in his style of skating that there’s about to be an ender down 259 stairs (yes, actually had our intern count them off the big screen that Kenny uses on Inside the NBA.) And then he just, yeah. Wow.

Have a good one.

Original Clips:


Intro via @corny_bitz on IG
10) Monica Torres via Asics’ “Total Actual Comfort” video [link]
9) Mark Suciu via IG [link]
8) Brayan Albarenga via “Yuyu” part [link]
7) Rafael Gomes via Retta Skateshop’s “Atemporal” video [link]
6) Reece Knobloch via “Arrow and Beast” part [link]
5) Harrison Woolgar via “OWL – SΦMNIUM” video by Al Hodgson [link]
4) Wilton Souza via Retta Skateshop’s “Atemporal” video [link]
3) Emile Laurent via Asics’ “Total Actual Comfort” video [link]
2) Felipe Nunes via IG [link]
1) Jun Bin via Wollop’s “Smile” video [link]


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