#QSTOP10 — May 26, 2023

Nike’s “Gassed Up” video (who remembers the turtle dancing to “Gassed Up?”), a nollie backside flip for the ages, a Cyrus trick that Cyrus hadn’t done yet …not by Cyrus, and some nice hardflips.

#5 should’ve been #1.

The QS office will be observing the three-day weekend. QS returns on Tuesday, May 30th. Have a good one ❤️

Original Clips:


Intro via @karl.1080 on IG [link]
10) Arin Lester via Nike SB’s “Gassed UP” video [link]
9) Lawrence Ravail via “SINCE 13” part [link]
8) Aimu Yamazuki via “Front Liners 2” part [link]
7) Cody Chapman via Naquan Rollings’ “Roadkill – Episode 2” video [link]
6) Hayley Wilson via Nike SB’s “Gassed UP” video [link]
5) P Tricky via IG [link]
4) Franky Villani via NB#’s “417” video [link]
3) Nicole Hause via Nike SB’s “Gassed UP” video [link]
2) Jace Detomasso via Duplex’s “Low Rent – Episode 2” video [link]
1) Kyler Garrison via Hopps’ “Kyler & Friends” video [link]


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