#QSTOP10 — May 19, 2023

Not entirely the WKND video, but a lot from the WKND video.

Really wish there was an angle from the bottom of the bank on the #1 to emphasize how nuts it is for anyone who hasn’t been there, but oh well :)

For something beyond the week’s marquee project, you should peep Vague and Vans’ “MUSH” video, which is full of the worst ground ever compiled into a skate video, and the people who make it work ;)

Original Clips:


Intro via @diegotoad on IG [link]
10) Sam Hutchinson via Vague x Vans’ “MUSH” video [link]
9) Paul Watson via Vague x Vans’ “MUSH” video [link]
8) Guy Azulay via WKND’s JIT video [link]
7) Jaakko Ojanen via Mañana Skateshop’s “Tonnin VX” video [link]
6) Shintaro Hongo via WKND’s JIT video [link]
5) Simon Zuzic via Vans’ “U Reckon” video [link]
4) Tanner Burzinski via WKND’s JIT video [link]
3) Joey O’Brien via “Alien Workshop” part [link]
2) Nikolai Piombo via WKND’s JIT video [link]
1) Leo Favaro via ACE Trucks’ “Sonhos Lucidos” video [link]


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  1. Gotta shout out Toby Bennett for the wknd part. Been watching him skate since he was just a bean. The street grab to quick slappy clip in his part was fantastic.

  2. That #1 is insane. Agree that it could use a second angle. It feels like they filmed it to show he didnt touch on the manual more than to show how crazy that spot is. Pretty much everybody slips out when they make it to the grass. And if it rained recently its even worse.

  3. @Pedro
    Word! That shit was fantastic!!
    Same for Andrew Considine´s Backlip around the corner…

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