#QSTOP10 — May 12, 2023

Everyone’s “#__ should’ve been #1” comments every week are always correct, but don’t wanna hear it this week. ← That link is a spoiler, obviously.

Shout out to longtime QS reader Bob DeNiro on the birth of his 7th child! Big week for all the O.Gs.

Have a good one ❤️

Original Clips:


Intro via @chuckmvp [link]
10) Charles Deschamps via Empire’s Mismatch video [link]
9) Monica Torres via OJ Wheels part [link]
8) Shintaro Hongo via Timescan’s “Don’t Know What Is Normal” video [link]
7) Hjalte Halberg via “Dancer x Hardbody” [link]
6) Brian Reid via Grand Collection’s “Barcelona Chair” video [link]
5) Antonio Durao via “Dancer x Hardbody” [link]
4) Thanos Panou via Volcom’s “Barci Bash” video [link]
3) Mitch Barrette via Empire’s Mismatch video [link]
2) Rowan Davis via Girl Skateboards’ “Lad is Pro” part [link]
1) Omar Hassan via Volcom’s “Barci Bash” video [link]


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