#QSTOP10 — May 5, 2023

Two weeks in a row with clips in the top five on the Temple rail and Clipper ledge. Was belatedly informed that the Clipper trick was featured in his part that dropped some weeks back, but it didn’t cross the countdown desk until the Insta angle surfaced this past week, so going to leave it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And the #1 — the fact there’s visible snow piles in the background, no tow-in, and the “spot” (if you can call it that…) just appears out of absolutely nowhere… wow. Give East Fifty Volume 2 a whirl. There’s a lot of great midwest skateboarding in there. Shout out to Blacklist Skateshop as well (a QS dealer!)

Have a good one 🏀

Original Clips:


Intro via @southbankatm [link]
10) Gabe Thompson via Stussy’s “Hawaii ’23” video [link]
9) Reece Knobloch via Adidas’ “Calima” video [link]
8) Momiji Nishiya via Adidas’ “Calima” video [link]
7) Tyler Surrey via IG [link]
6) Johnny Purcell via “Nova Scotia” part [link]
5) Jordan Trahan via IG [link]
4) Anatoly Bitney via Zach Sayles’ Veil video [link]
3) Griffin Gass via Spitfire “Orca Card” part [link]
2) Jesus Muñoz via IG [link]
1) Craig Edwards via Blacklist Skateshop’s EAST FIFTY Vol. 2 video [link]


Original Clips: April 28, 2023


  1. cant wait to see where the Ceif Bentley copenhagen line lands for next week ;)

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