Feels Good To Be Here — Elijah Odom Rough Cut from Alltimers’ ‘You Deserve It’ Video

Alltimers has began uploading B-roll and raw files from their You Deserve It video.

The first installment comes from Boil the Ocean’s seventh favorite part of 2022, visiting general of the high wall at Pulaski, survivor of peak Brandon Westgate-level slams, titleholder for last year’s best frontside nosegrind, the video’s opener, and one of Miami’s finest: Elijah Odom.

Throw on some Shawty Lo if it starts to feel lonely with just the skate noises.

Worth nothing that this part also dropped two months before Elijah went on to have another one in Andrew Skateshop’s Rascal video. The dude had a hell of a 2022.

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