#QSTOP10 — February 24, 2023

One of those “it’s not entirely from one video but it’s almost from one video”-weeks. A 11/10 kickflip back tail bigspin, a noseslide for the ages, and an infallible level-hopping manual. Have a good one.

Original Clips:


Intro via @mentallllllllll on IG [link]
10) Cata Diaz via “Cachai” part [link]
9) Tanner Lawler via “Pepper Grip” part [link]
8) Rowan Zorilla via “Vans Video By Flech” [link]
7) Tom Knox via “The 440 by Tom Knox” Part [link]
6) Rio Morishige via Tightbooth LENZ III Part [link]
5) Aidan Mackey via “Vans Video By Flech” [link]
4) Ishod Wair via Spitfire part [link]
3) Diego Todd via “Vans Video By Flech” [link]
2) Danny Brady via “Vans Video By Flech” [link]
1) Etienne Gagne via “Vans Video By Flech” [link]


Previously: February 17, 2023

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  1. Hey can i be nominated for the QS top 10? Look my ig account @jachym_skating the first clip manual

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