Rochester Report — Michael Breitmaier’s ‘Memoir’ Video

Michael Breitmaier’s Rochester scene video and follow-up to 2020’s Heirloom is now online in full. (To our less local friends: Rochester, New York is about a 5 1/2 hour drive from New York City.)

Memoir is almost entirely filmed in western upstate New York (sans a San Juan clip here and there), eschewing any compulsion to road trip out to Brand Name Spots™ in the big city or beyond — look no further than the mini montage dedicated to skating a crusty parking lot ledge behind a building peppered with melting snow piles.

Set to the type of #musicsupervision that you’d probably come across toggling the radio dial while making that drive up to Rochester, the result is a fun watch from a place that too often flies under the radar, even compared to its upstate, plaza-having counterparts like Albany and Syracuse. We made it out there once almost eight years ago, and watching Memoir is a nice nudge to make the effort to go back.

Funny that skaters in the Flatbar Capital of America™ would have such a high affinity for drop-down manny tricks though…

Features David Kimball, Adam Kerrick, Jonny Goupil, Japhey Dow, Kevin Bosch, Pedro Alvarado, Justin Grzechowiak, Nick Dicara, Tyler Stier, Dan Knights, Anthony Ferrari, Dane Varalli + more.


  1. I want to meet him one day I always wanted to learn how to skateboard …
    I’m rooting for u Michael Breitmaier’s

  2. Noticed half way through that there are no fisheye clips. Hence, not a lot of lines too. Don’t think that the vid looses anything with the lack of fisheye, on the contrary.
    Made me think, do skate videos need fisheyes at all? After watching this, I guess not.

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