#QSTOP10 β€” January 27, 2023

A lot of Deluxe videos, some Rat Ratz + a classic ledge line. Still basking in relief from the high-stakes content onslaught of the holidays. Enjoy the weekend, because temps are about to drop 💝

Original Clips:


Intro via @luciengenand on IG [link]
10) Giorgio Villone via “Devil’s Pocket” part [link]
9) Andrew Wilson via Krooked’s “Don’t Stop Starring Una Farrar” part [link]
8) Vince Palmer via RAT RATZ 7 [link]
7) Matisse Banc via “MATISSE PISSDRUNX” part [link]
6) Pedro Attenborough via IG [link]
5) Una Farrar via Krooked’s “Don’t Stop Starring Una Farrar” part [link]
4) Gage Boyle via Real’s “Three Seasons” video [link]
3) Nils Matijas via RAT RATZ 7 [link]
2) Tanner Van Vark via Real’s “Three Seasons” video [link]
1) Patrick Praman via Real’s “Three Seasons” video [link]


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