Supreme’s ‘Play Dead’ Video Is Now Live

Writing in 2019, when “cherry” snagged the top spot in QS Readers Poll results for best videos of the 2010s (voting for this year’s opens soon!), Boil the Ocean remarked “that it is easy to forget the gamble that “cherry” represented roughly one eternity ago.” The gamble clearly worked, and “BLESSED” felt like a result of the creative blank check a film studio gives out when someone’s first feature breaks expectations.

We can leave the trip edits in another category, but it’s almost refreshing that Play Dead, Supreme’s latest, feels simply like …a skate video. There’s no mountain of anticipation of what a first-ever project from the brand will look like, or what form the follow-up would take. The S.O.T.Y. campaign being waged in it already began with a part that dropped a month ago, by someone who handily already won it. (And obvs deserves it again.) There’s a lightness to the video that is almost the most unexpected part of all for a Supreme / Bill project. Troy Gipson, Seven Strong, Kris Brown, Patrick O’Mara and cross-section of Philly and Violet crew are all having fun, Nik Stain and Ben Kadow are skating with the grown man confidence of knowing you already have classics under your belt, and Sully — holy shit, what just happened up Brick 9?


  1. I cherish a time in skateboarding when we could actually see someone’s style, and not just their face as they roll up and their feet as they do a trick.

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