Slow Season Innit

We found a loose box tucked away in the warehouse and were able to do some light restocks of a few popular items in the webstore. If you want free shipping, ✨ use promo code MONDAYLINKS at the shipping checkout window ✨ but it’ll expire at 11:59 P.M. tonight ❤️ Thanks as always for supporting what we do.

Young goat Kyota Umeki is the latest guest on the Angel & Z podcast. (Also happy bday.)

“Bunt” is a 7-minute edit out of the Rochester scene by Steve Custozzo, spotted via Skate Jawn, and of no relation to the podcast.

“The ‘cult’ of the HPX170 is not only stronger than that of the VX1000, it is more invisible.” Blaine Williams wrote asking why skateboarding is stuck in 720p.

We regret to inform you that there is no new Gabe Tennen kickflip back lip content in Christian Kerr’s new homie edit, entitled “LULL.” This crew loves a beveled ledge through!

Future Nostalgia: Pat Hoblin tapped Gino Iannucci for cameo in his commercial celebrating the collaboration between Pat’s Pants and Poets + the crew at Strangelove recreated a familiar section of Ban This to celebrate the release of their Ray Barbee guest board.

Anthony Pappalardo the Writer wrote about the Leo Baker Netflix documentary.

Found this remix of Kalman Ocheltree’s part from Til It’s Gone on YouTube. Ender at the Jersey City post office is very fire.

“Sometimes, I think the world of skateboarding can be divided into two camps: people for whom skateboarding is the most interesting thing about them, and interesting people who skate. A similar tension is at the heart of Pudwill’s career as well, as he seems to have a foot in each camp, an unlikely position that calls into question skateboarding’s most prized value: authenticity.” Waxing the Curb wrote a four-part (!) deep-dive into the career of Torey Pudwill. Gonna save the second half for a flight ;)

IG’s leading Brooklyn Banks historians spliced a bunch of classic photos that you see reposted all the time into their respective moments of capture in footage. And who said the 90s were guilty of running too many bails in mags?!

Slam City Skates spoke to up-and-coming pro Lance Mountain for their latest “First & Last” installment.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “The city is so dry right now, not even Meatball is in town.” — Zach Baker re: the bros

Happy birthday Keith 💕
Happy birthday Waste 💖
Happy birthday Tufty 💞
Happy birthday Jack ❤️‍🔥


  1. the xtreme is a gnarly price. it’s like we’re back in fully flared times and only ty has the new camera. except we have a bunch of new cameras now. single sensor/cmos camcorders took some time to catch up fidelitywise, but they’re here and they often fit in a sling bag. Though I like 720p. I like that a full length still fits on a dvd. Was greenberg’s video 4k I wonder what he used it looked great

  2. Greenberg is almost definitely using an HPX/HMC, with some pretty jacked scene files. Shit did look great though.
    I’m 100% behind sticking with 720p, 4K footage looks so wrong to my eye, same way the VX heads feel about HD.

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