#QSTOP10 — July 22, 2022

Resisted the temptation to go for all-Hockey edition this week, because that’s probably the most on-air video right now for the QS readership.

If your inner lil’ kid didn’t light up seeing somebody do the N.A.C. into Courthouse — well, idk.

Couldn’t choose just one clip for the #1 either, but the weave he does on the stairs in Yonkers makes that hellish maze of broken bottles look like he’s cruising a snakerun 🥂

Original Clips:


Intro via @whatisnewyork [link]
10) Deedz via IG [link]
9) Art Cordova via Flip “Espada” part [link
8) Joseph Campos via Hockey X [link]
7) Victor Campillo via “SanVico” part [link]
6) Donovan Piscopo via Hockey X [link]
5) Nik Stain via Hockey X [link]
4) Jeff Mendoza via Nico Tavella’s “Not That Easy” video [link]
3) Felipe Gustavo via Plan B’s Code video [link]
2) Trevor McClung via Plan B’s Code video [link]
1) Diego Todd via Hockey X [link]


Previously: July 15, 2022


  1. Sorry to be a nit picky schmohawk but hard to turn off the editorial scan after getting a worthless degree in journalism (lol):

    Joe Campos’ name has a lil’ typo: “Joesph”

  2. #8 was a real treat – unique approach to a spot that’s been walked by for decades – gnarly drop and slippery marble to hit backside

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