#QSTOP10 — June 24, 2022

Yes, Antonio switch bigspin heel’d and did a bunch of other shit down the double-set at an L.E.S contest years ago (can’t find the clip right now) so this is nothing new for him, but the amount of dropped mouths in the screengrab above really says it all. The redistribution of wealth at the end is also #lol.

Otherwise, heavy on the clips from James Cruickshank’s SENSIBLES, the Paris scene video that dropped yesterday, which for whatever reason has the highest volume of angry pedestrians of any skate video in recent memory. That one is probably #1 on the official QS ballot for the readers poll at this halfway mark of the year.

Original Clips:


Intro via @crapbloke on IG [link]
10) Tom O’Reilly via James Cruickshank’s SENSIBLES video [link]
9) Will Marshall via IG [link]
8) Junnosuke Hasegawa via Lesque’s “チーム” video [link]
7) Justin Sommer via Independent “Raw AMs” part [link]
6) Vincent Touzery via James Cruickshank’s SENSIBLES video [link]
5) David Jakinda via IG [link]
4) Casper Brooker via James Cruickshank’s SENSIBLES video [link]
3) Jordan Trahan via IG [link]
2) Mathias Sauvageon via James Cruickshank’s SENSIBLES video [link]
1) Antonio Durao via @dew_stacks on IG [link]


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  1. does the les double set then officially make the cut below what (i have always assumed) is a rule against skatepark clips on these?

  2. The Wedge skatepark in Scottsdale Arizona has a couple street spots that lead into the skatepark. Those spots have always been considered “street” and have been in many skate videos. I think that big ass LES double set is the same.

  3. Durao = Best ride I seen. The filming on that LES double set clip is great, ‘specially like the flip of the boardt

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