Took Some Thousand Dollar Pants & Cut ‘Em Into Shorts

The Top 10 desk would like to thank Sour Skateboards for the vacation it is taking for the rest of the week. Sour Solution III is now live.

Getting your pro board thrown into your skull and having to spend the rest of the premiere celebrating while bleeding from the head is a new one. Sk8 or die taken to its logical extreme. Maybe it was just out of solidarity with Giannis ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

QS B.F.F. Zered Bassett was on the Angel & Z podcast last week. There’s a bit of graffiti talk at the start, but it gets into skating about ten minutes in. A lot of wisdom and honesty from one of the first few to truly do it at that level on the east coast. Also, the Greece story is insane.

Pocket made their goal of getting Arin on board for a “Followed” a reality. Turned it on and was immediately like, “Damn, wish this was in New York,” but it’s obvs still a great watch the whole way through.

Alright, who’s getting the first clip at Pier 57? Nah, jk, nobody’s ever skating there.

To the person in the comments that asked “what happened” to LurkNYC: here’s an update.

Oski is the latest guest on The Bunt.

13 minutes of Insta loosies from new Limosine pro, Hugo Boserup + 20 minutes of Carl Aikens loosies.

All the Streets Are Silent, Jeremy Elkin’s documentary about the intersections of 1990s skateboarding and hip-hop cultures in New York, is now available on Hulu if you’ve yet to catch it. Read the QS review here.

Is it 1992 or 2022? “Save Freedom Plaza” is a new old edit from Pulaski.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀Luka in Game 7 mode.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “Whoa, half and half? That’s an old school order.” — Alex Dymond on Coffee

Keed wore his influences on his sleeve while wholly sounding like he was on his own planet, and dropped projects that only got better the more time you spent with them (this comment on the “Nameless” video is perfect.) ❤️ Rest in Peace 🐍